‘I Didn’t Want To Waste Brooke’s Time’: Carissa Croft Walks Out Of The Bachelorette Mansion

On Wednesday night, a shock departure rattled the mansion when one Bachelorette made the decision to leave.

During the cocktail party, Carissa revealed that she had something important to speak to Brooke about and, when the time came, she explained that she couldn’t continue in the competition, and left that very night.

The move certainly shocked Brooke who, after Carissa had left, began to wonder if she was misreading any other people in the house.

Carissa told 10 play that, over the weeks she spent in the mansion, she could see Brooke forming strong connections with people in the house while behind the scenes Carissa was forming strong friendships with the same people.

“I had these people I felt really close to, I cared about, and I hadn’t formed that connection with Brooke yet,” Carissa explained. “It felt like, if I pursued her, I would be betraying them.

“It was this weird moral complex that I found myself in. Once I had heard that she formed strong connections it just felt like I’d be doing the wrong thing. If one of your friends told you they met someone and shared an incredible date with them, you wouldn’t try to go on a date with them the next day and try to make out with them! It just wouldn’t be right.”

Last week, Carissa won extra time with Brooke after a group date where the pair were able to explore the intense spark they both felt on the red carpet the first night. Excited for the one-on-one time, Carissa said she and Brooke began to form a bit of a deeper connection, discussing their past and their families.

But be it partly out of respect for Brooke and partly out of the topics they were discussing, Carissa said she didn’t feel like it was the right moment to lean in for a kiss.

After the lukewarm end to the date, an intruder-spanner was thrown into the works, further complicating Carissa’s feelings about the experience.

“The intruders didn’t make me insecure… I was more upset because people who I knew really wanted to be there, and who I really cared about, were likely going home,” she said.

With time to consider her place in the mansion, Carissa realised she was still scratching the surface with Brooke while watching her close friends make deeper bonds with the Bachelorette.

“I wasn’t the type of person that was going to really pursue her and get all competitive and try to grab her at cocktail parties,” she added. “It just made me question, if I didn’t feel like I could do what’s needed to make that connection with Brooke then what am I doing?

“I didn’t want to waste Brooke’s time and I didn’t want to take a spot from someone who really wanted to be there.”

Admitting she didn’t think Brooke was expecting the bombshell, Carissa still has absolutely no regrets about her decision to leave the Manson.

“I definitely don’t regret leaving. I think I did the right thing in line with my morals.”

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