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‘I Didn’t Want To Fake It’: Harry Harris Opens Up About His Decision To Leave The Bachelorette

From the very first night, Harry Harris was one of the biggest threats in the race to win Elly Miles’ heart.

Winning over both Elly and Becky on the red carpet, Harry scored the coveted Country Rose which secured him the first double date of the season.

But his reward would soon become his undoing, as he and Elly got to know each other more it seemed like perhaps they weren’t as perfect of a match as they first appeared.

Discussing their lives and where they see themselves in the next few years, both Elly and Harry began to realise that their 10-year age difference had them on different paths.

No stranger to reality TV, 35-year-old Harry first competed on the fifth season of House Rules with his then-partner Kate Whiting, with who he shares son Xavier. Three years later, Harry stepped in front of the cameras one again.

“I had been broken up with Kate for three years now and the opportunity to fall in love is what life’s about,” Harry told 10 play.

“The timing was right, Xave was at a great age, just starting school, and he was all good for me to go away for a little bit. Obviously love is what we’re looking for, and it was perfect timing,” he said.

After he and Elly had their difficult conversation, Harry mounted several efforts to convince the Bachelorette that his age, and where he was in life, wasn’t an insurmountable hurdle. But he couldn’t ignore the feeling that he had been put on the back burner.

“You’ve got 19 other guys that are carefree… so it was always going to be a challenge for me to make them fall in love with me. I always knew that was going to be the case so I had no qualms about going in and putting myself out there, knowing that maybe with those little hurdles in life you might not fall in love,” Harry explained.

“I didn’t want to fake it on the show. I could have gone on there and played both girls or jumped over to the other, but I just wanted to be myself,” he said.

Having an initial strong connection with Elly, Harry’s age and his plans for the next few years did seem like a more perfect fit for Becky, but he admitted that thought never crossed his mind.

“I had made my decision early to go for Elly,” Harry said. “I never thought I had gone the wrong way, but in the back of my mind I always knew that my age was going to be a factor.”

After a few weeks, Harry began to realise that his chances of winning Elly over were getting slimmer as she forged connections with other Bachelors.

“Just knowing I had no connection with Elly, I was ready to go home to my boy,” he said.

“Everything hit me like a ton of bricks,” he continued, “it all just came at once in the last two or three days and I was just really upset about being there and away from my boy. I always knew I was going in there for love, it didn’t transpire and I was ready to go home.”

Having another difficult conversation, Harry explained to Elly his situation and the pair agreed that the best course of action would be for him to leave the mansion and be reunited with Xavier.

Looking back, Harry says he has absolutely no regrets with how things played out.

“First impressions are pretty massive so, I was just happy with that, to be honest. I was just Harry and, obviously, I lost my way a little when I started missing my boy so much because you’re not 100 percent there, but no regrets at all.

“I was there to find love, and if it wasn’t there then there was no point in me being there.” Though things didn’t work out for Harry this time, he admitted that he wasn’t ruling out a second chance at love in the future.

“I laid it on the line on the red carpet,” he said. “If there’s a one percent chance of falling in love again then I’m going to grab it.

“At this present moment, I would say just ride the wave of this and get back to the grind but, in six months if I still haven’t found love and the opportunity arises, you’d have to look at it.”

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