Here's How The Bachelorette This Year Will Work

2020 has been a year full of big surprises, and having sisters and besties Elly and Becky as the Bachelorettes is one of them. So, how exactly will this year’s season pan out?

The Arrivals 

As we’ve already seen, rather than have separate red carpets, the girls met each suiter on the same one together. This unique experience allowed all 20 guys to meet and impress both girls at the same time, and vice versa.  

Oh, and the guys had NO idea there would be two Bachelorettes this year, which made it awkward for guys like Damien, who only bought one bouquet of daffodils.

We know what you’re thinking – what if both girls end up falling for the same guy? Or one guy falls for both girls? Don’t worry folks, the chances of that happening are low. During the first Cocktail Party, it was clear that most of the guys chose one girl to focus their attention on 

And, while the girls are similar in many ways, as they told 10 playthey have different types. 

The Country Rose 

Each year, Osher presents an exclusive item to the Bachelor/Bachelorette which holds VERY. SPECIAL. POWERS. This item has previously come in the form of a rose, or a ticket, and is handed to a contender who has made the best first impression.  

Elly knows firsthand just how important this special item is, given she won the Golden Ticket after impressing Matt Agnew in last year’s season of The Bachelor. It guaranteed her extra quality time with Matt in his hometown, something that has never been seen on the show before.   

The ‘Country Rose was this year’s hot property, and you would think both Elly and Becky would have one each to hand out to a guy of their liking. But, in an unexpected twist, Osher informed the girls they would need to decide together only ONE lucky guy to take on a double dateand they chose Harry. It was then up to Harry to choose one of the boys to join him.  

Harry was vibing Elly, so in a strategic move, he decided to choose a guy who had more of a connection with Becky, and Shannon was his pick. Smart! 

The Dates 

Unlike filming for The Bachelor, where production was shut down for months and dates became virtual, The Bachelorette commenced filming after lockdown laws had eased in NSW. All the Bachelors, along with Elly and Becky, were quarantined and tested prior to heading into the Mansion, so you can expect less bathtub Zoom dates and more skydiving, helicopter rides and sweet country picnics.  

Also, it’s important to note that while the girls have decided to undertake this journey together, it does not mean that every date will be a double or a group gathering. The ladies will still be going on separate, single dates with guys of their choosing. Just like every other Bachelorette before them.  

The Rose Ceremonies 

The only change to the Rose Ceremonies this year is that both girls will alternate giving out rosesAside from that one instance of choosing the recipient of the Country Rose, decisions are still individual, just like they are with a single Bachelorette 

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