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From The Bachelorette To The Masked Singer, Osher Günsberg Holds Nothing Back

One of the busiest men in the biz took time out of hosting four shows and three podcasts to talk about The Bachelorette, The Masked Singer, Cocktails and Roses, and working during a global pandemic.

Speaking to 10 play, Osher explained how excited he was to see Elly Miles return to The Bachelorette mansion alongside her sister Becky.

“What’s great about any movie you watch is that the hero, when you first meet them, is a different character before the credits roll,” Osher said, adding “That’s what any great story has”.

“I love it on Paradise when they come and meet me, I see them and they’ve gone out in the wild, figured things out and seen through a third eye how they behave in a relationship. They show up and they’re different,” he continued.

“Similarly, to see Elly again you can definitely tell there’s a change there. That’s what you want out of any story!”

Due to complications, Osher wasn’t able to be as much of a part of Becky and Elly’s journey as he had hoped.

“I really wanted to be there as much as I could,” he said, “but Elly and Becky really held their own. They are an incredible team. If I was their parent watching the bond these sisters have I’d just sit back on the couch and go… job well done!”

Admitting that he was disappointed to not be around as much as in previous years, Osher explained that he has a special fondness for The Bachelorette in “a very different way” to The Bachelor.

“I’m one of four boys, I grew up around boys and went to an all-boys school. I understand the micro communications and nuances of behaviour among men,” he said.

“I don’t really get that with girls, so I don’t quite understand what’s happening a lot of the time in Bachelor. I’m a bit of a dunce when it comes to reading — my wife will attest to that fact,” he said with a laugh. “But around men, I get it a lot more. I can tell by a look in someone’s eye, the way someone’s standing, what’s going on. I find it a lot more fascinating to work on in many different ways.”

Though he’s on the ground less, Osher promised he’d still be part of the season thanks to “a little magic”.

Right before The Bachelorette kicked off, Osher was in Melbourne filming the final episodes of Season 2 of The Masked Singer. Just before the finale, production was shut down after a member of the crew tested positive for COVID-19.

“We were really aware it could have happened at any moment,” he said, “and we had this one particular person who is a professional performer and has been performing their whole life. They were brave enough to put their hand up and say, ‘I don’t feel well’ knowing exactly what it would mean.

“They could have not said anything and that would have then put even more people at risk, but this person was brave enough and could therefore keep over 200 people safe. It was an extraordinary model of behaviour I think we can all learn from,” Osher continued.

“We’re not in healthcare, no project you’re working on is life or death. And there are other ways to make it, we’ve all figured out other ways to do what we do for a living.”

Finding new ways to pull off the Masked Singer finale, with Osher and the guessing panelists spread across Victoria, New South Wales, and New Zealand — using some “industrial light and magic” were seamlessly stitched together for the final show.

“There are people far smarter than me who figured it out… it was this weird kind of green screen ‘80s sci-fi situation happening but people were aware of that. That was some George Lucas stuff, I was half expecting Jar Jar Binks to show up at the end,” Osher joked.

But it wasn’t just the technical requirements that were needed for it all to work, audiences also had to accept and understand the unique circumstances of the time.

Similarly, as The Bachelor was forced into a production halt halfway through the season, Love in Lockdown was introduced to shake-up the format.

“We had to figure out how to make a show that involved people making out during a global pandemic which has transmission in very close personal contact,” he said.

“All the Zoom stuff that we did… that’s how people are living now,” Osher said. “It wasn’t so out of the ordinary to have that because that is everybody’s day. Every single person sitting there looking at a gallery view of 16 people where you can hear someone’s dog barking or someone’s kid screaming.

“We were able to show that and show that we’re also a part of the community trying to do this thing,” Osher said.

In the early days of the pandemic, Osher said one of his bosses explained their approach like crossing a road.

“Things were changing day by day, hour by hour. At that point, the Prime Minister was showing up on TV twice a day and it was different in the mornings than it was in the evening, which would affect how we worked. So you take a step, you look both ways, you take a step, you look both ways. We could really only plan for the next day, if that.”

“There are people in my life who are immunocompromised and I think about that all the time. I’m full-on when it comes to this stuff, I don’t care,” Osher continued.

“I’ll be like, ‘Um your mask has slipped, it’s down around your chin’. I’m that guy, I don’t give a s**t. I’m happy to tell people because the quicker we all figure out how to live in a way that will reduce transmission in the community, the quicker we can get on with life.”

Along with hosting four shows this year as well as voicing Bondi Resuce, Osher also hosts three podcasts - Better than Yesterday, DadPod and Cocktails and Roses, a Bachelor recap he hosts alongside Paradise alumni Alisha Aitken-Radburn.

When asked how he has any spare time, Osher laughed.

“The trick is it’s really easy,” he said. “Look in your phone, go to Screen Time and see how many hours you’ve spent on social media. You’d be surprised, probably around three to four hours a day. Take those three to four hours out, there are a lot of things you can get done!”

Osher explained that he doesn’t have apps like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter on his phone but his wife has a passcode for when he needs them.

“Even if I wanted to look at them, I can’t do it. You get heaps more done, it’s great!”

You can catch Osher on the current season of The Bachelorette and hear his thoughts on the season on the Cocktails and Roses podcast