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Everything You Wanted To Know About This Season Of The Bachelorette From Elly And Becky

For the first time ever, two sisters will be sharing the title of Bachelorette — so how will it all work? We went straight to the sources.

Chatting to 10 play ahead of the highly anticipated season, the Miles sisters, Elly and Becky, were both giddy with excitement for the show to start.

No stranger to The Bachelor Mansion, Elly first appeared on our screens last year when she emerged as a fan-favourite in Matt Agnew’s season. Following a shock Rose Ceremony where Elly was sent home, there was an outcry and demand for her to get a second chance to find love.

What no one expected — including Elly herself — was that the offer would be extended to big sister Becky as well.

“There were a number of people rallying behind me hoping I’d be Bachelorette so it had crossed my mind that it could be an opportunity,” Elly told 10 play. “When Becky and I were approached, never in a million years did I think it would happen. But having been through it with Becky, there’s no way I could have done it without her.”

Elly had been through the process before, and was ready to take the plunge again, but having Becky on board made the decision even easier; knowing this time she’d have family with her throughout the journey.

“I’m quite protective of Becky. She’s been so hurt in the past and I have been through the experience before, I know what to expect, so I was watching over Becky, but she was just incredible,” Elly said.

“Our dad said this thing once and it really stuck with me, this is how I talked myself into going on The Bachelor last year as well,” Elly explained, “I was just like, if you don’t go; you don’t go.

“Life is all about new experiences and, especially experiences that challenge you like The Bachelorette, you’re going to evolve so much as a person,” Elly said. “I’m so grateful for that because, at the end of the day, we wouldn’t have met the people we’ve met, and we wouldn’t be where we are today. We wouldn’t be this happy. That’s what life’s about, you know?”

While it had been in the back of Elly’s mind as a possibility, Becky let out a laugh at the idea of ever considering being The Bachelorette.

“I never thought I’d ever do anything like this,” Becky said. “But I looked at all the positives and, well, I’m looking for someone! I want to find my person… and with Elly, she had such a great time on The Bachelor, and you learn a lot about yourself too.”

But the prevailing question seems to be: how will it all work? According to the Miles sisters, it mostly worked itself out.

“We’ve always dated different men,” Becky said.

“Well, obviously,” Elly quickly interjected with a big laugh.

“Different types of men,” Becky clarified, adding, “but writing down the qualities and values on paper, we’re after the same type of guy. I think in reality Elly goes for a bit more of a tradie, someone who is a bit more sporty, whereas I go for people who are maybe a bit more book-smart. Outdoorsy, but not heaps sporty.”

Having written down the kinds of values they are both looking for in a partner, Elly and Becky wrote almost identical lists, emphasising things like kindness, a sense of humour and a positive attitude.

So does that mean they’ll be fighting for the same guys? Almost definitely not. The sisters laughed at the idea that they spent the red carpet “claiming” which Bachelors were theirs.

“Our strategy going into it was… we’ve got to figure out who the guys like too! It’s not just us claiming the men,” Becky said.

“Imagine if one of the guys was like, ’S***, but I wanted the other one!’” Elly added, laughing.

Continuing, Becky explained the sisters approached the first night honestly with the Bachelors. “Our first chat with the guys was like, ‘There is no rule book here, we need to know where your head’s at.’

“It comes down to chemistry and connection anyway,” Becky continued. “If he’s got that with you, then he’s probably not going to have it with your sister too! It’s never been an issue,” she said.

Agreeing, Elly added, “Anyone that Becky is interested in is going to be my brother, so it’s just not possible for me to want to go after a guy my sister is interested in. As soon as Becky’s interested in someone, I’m like, you go get that guy! You go, girl!

The sisters said they were in constant communication early on about who they were interested in, as well as asking for openness and honesty with the Bachelors about who they were interested in.

“It happened quite quickly,” Elly said, “it became clear after that first night who was interested in who. There may have been a couple that neither of us got the chance to get to know well enough initially, but it sort of split up very evenly very quickly.”

“We’re not here to fight over blokes,” she said, “we’re here to find love alongside each other.”

Heading into the Mansion once again, Elly said she just hoped there wasn’t going to be too much drama. “Between the boys,” she clarified, “I wasn’t worried about there being any drama between me and Becky.

“But you don’t know what kind of characters are going to pop up,” she continued, “so I was hoping that there wouldn’t be too much drama or nonsense going on in the process that we’re giving everything to, and going into with the best intentions, and all the hope.”

For Becky, her greatest concern was hurting people.

“You don’t want to let people down, you don’t want to send people home. That was really difficult,” she said.

“Also, worried about getting hurt again. I’ve been through some heartbreak,” Becky said.

“Fairly recently,” Elly added, “Only last year.”

Continuing, Becky said, “But on the opposite side of that, the risk is worth the reward.”

“And if you don’t go, you don’t go!” Elly said, “You might miss out on something absolutely incredible. The love of your life!”

The Bachelorette Australia premieres 7.30 Wednesday, October 7 on 10 and 10 play