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War of the Roses - Young At Heart

With only six men left in the man mansion, the tone is definitely more subdued when we meet them for the first time tonight. Osher interrupts an epic game of chess to deliver the single date card that is all about finding a long-lasting love. While Michael and Davey are hopeful they will get their first single date with Sam, it’s rope technician Richie who takes it out.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 6 blog

After all the back slapping, we realise Osher is still in the room. Does he want to join in? Oh, nup he’s just there to hand out the group date card. The clue is “All’s fair in love and war,” and everyone has got the call up. While Dave is hoping the date will be his chance to show Sam he’s really interested, Davey’s hoping that he just gets through it without looking like a goose. Bless.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 6 blog

The group date is up first and Sam and Osher are waiting for the boys in the sideshow alley of a circus. When Osher tells us it’s going to be a knockout competition, we’re all secretly hoping one round involves dagwood dog eating. Alex throws down the gauntlet when he tells the boys he will crawl over their dead bodies to win time with Sam at the end of the day, and we all get excited about how awesome this is going to be.

Round One: Thunder God. A very simple test of skill – boy takes big hammer, hits target, thingy hits bell if you’re a Thunder God. Davey jumps in first and nails it, next in line a nervous Dave hits it too, then when Alex hits it as well we start to wonder just how hard it is to be a Thunder God? Thank god Michael comes along and proves not everyone can be a Thunder God. Then in an unexpected twist, top dog Sasha misses! Now, it’s a sudden death comp between the two who missed. Michael misses again but Sash brings it home. Buh-bye Mikey.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 6 blog

Next round is a two-on-two tug of war. Sasha and Davey team up against Dave and Alex in what is the quickest game of tug of war ever. With Davey and Sasha victorious, Dave and Alex then have to go head-to-head in the laughing clown challenge. Alex’s clown phobia gets the better of him as he fails to get one ball into the mouth of the creepy laughing clown. Dave however smashes it, first ball out.

Next game up is footy-through-hole.  Sasha, Dave and Davey have all played a bit of footy in the past but in the end, it appears Sasha’s ball skills aren’t up to par. Dave and Davey are left to battle it out in the final game of the day, which involves knocking over more creepy clown looking things with a ball. Davey is up first and only manages to knock one creepy clown over.  At first, it appears Dave might be heading the same way, but the grinning plumber takes it out knocking over a grand total of two creepy clowns, leaving little Davey “spewing.”

Naturally inside the big top, the circus ring has been Bachelored and Dave and Sam sit down for a chat surrounded by candles and cushions. Dave takes this time to try and redeem himself after his lackluster performance on the previous group date and really opens up to Sam. She in turn lets him know that she’s looking for a man who is at their core a good person and role model. While their chat is intimate, Dave and Sam’s alone time doesn’t end in a kiss, but has probably saved Dave from the chopping block tonight.

In what could be the most unique single date on The Bachelorette so far, Sam tells Richie they’re going to jump forward 50 years and spend the day like two 80-year-olds. Kicking off with four hours in the make up chair, the pair are eventually transformed to look like senior citizens, complete with nanna wardrobe and canes.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 6 blog

Richard and Samantha fully embrace their golden oldies roles, starting with a play fight in the car. Their date destination is bingo at a lawns balls club, where Richard plays his first bingo game ever. Despite laughing the whole way through it, neither Richard nor Samantha take out the game. Looks like Richard is still a winner however, as he gets hit on by an old lady when Sam ducks out to the bathroom.  But Samantha isn’t having any of it when she gets back, telling Richard to “get his arm off it” before chasing the old bird away with her cane.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 6 blog

After things settle down, the bowls club really opens up as they all hit the dance floor in their sensible shoes. This is where Richard gives the club a dance to remember as he throws away the cane to drop some breakdancing moves on the floor. With the other bowlers crying tears of laughter, Richard has definitely won the day and impressed our Bachelorette.

After all the dancing is done, the cushions and the candles come out again as Richard and Samantha revert back to Richie and Sam. With make-up removed and back in normal attire, the pair cosy up on a couch together to talk about their wonderful day together. After discussing their respective childhoods and families, Sam surprises Richie with a little video from his mum and sister.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 6 blog

The proud family talk about what a wonderful man Richie has turned out to be and it’s a touching moment for both Sam and Richie watching. After an epic date, Sam pins a rose on Richie before planting a big kiss on him. Sam is smitten and we’re all grinning for our golden oldies.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 6 blog

Back in the man mansion, Richie regales the boys with a replay on how things went with Sam, but navigates around the kiss. Despite their probing, Richie remains tight-lipped. When we cut to Sam, she tells us her brilliant date with Richie has convinced her to stop wasting time on boys she’s not sure of. What does this mean for the boys at the rose ceremony?