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What gave Sam first date butterflies with Alex? Take the poll and read the recap!

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War of the Roses - Love In The Extreme

The boys are all gathered around having a cuppa outside when Osher comes with the first date delivery of the episode. There he lets the boys know the first date tonight is tres romantic so they all conclude it must be a single date. After much debate on who it will be, Kieren reveals that English gent Alex will be going on his first date of the series.

Before we move on, can we just all agree that musician Will and his overalls are the best thing about this episode so far?

The Bachelorette Australia S1 ep 4 blog

A closer look into the life of Alex reveals he is a financial consultant from Bondi who believes his charm all comes down to Englishman DNA. While Sam is getting ready, she tells us she’s never dated a guy like Alex before, so is she ready for an English gent?

For his first date, Alex is ready to tackle a tiger moth plane ride with Sam. She’s hoping this thrill-seeking adventure will loosen him up a bit and he will make it through without throwing up. While Sam is having the time of her life, Alex is praying for the plane to stay in one piece and hoping his death-defying efforts will be worth it in the end. Sam seems completely oblivious to his panic and thinks he’s a legend for embracing the moment so wholeheartedly.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 ep 4 blog

Back at the mansion, Dave interrupts a tough game of foosball with the next date card.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 ep 4 blog

The clue is “Game On” and Davey rightly concludes, it could mean anything. His smarts are rewarded with his name being called first and we are also pleased to hear Will and his overalls will also be going. Meanwhile, soccer star Michael is not pleased to be left behind minding the mansion.

Back on the single date, Sam takes Alex to a luxurious couch in the middle of a paddock. There he reveals that he’s lived all over the world and pretty much grew up in a jungle somewhere. Sam is understandably impressed as our gorgeous Bachelorette only has a few stamps in her passport. Alex explains now that he’s older, he’s more interested in taking his time with relationships and getting things right. He thinks him and Sam are heading in the right direction and it looks as though the feelings are mutual as Sam wraps up the date with a cheeky kiss and a rose.

Back at the mansion, Alex’s return is greeted with cheers from the whole crew.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 ep 4 blog

When he starts relaying all of the date’s steamy details however, Sasha tell us at home in not so many words that a gentleman never tells. This is a curious conclusion seeing as Sasha is the one asking Alex all the probing questions. We think someone may be marking his territory perhaps?

The Bachelorette Australia S1 ep 4 blog

In what is set to challenge the Bachelor Bubble Soccer Game as the most entertaining sports on TV this year, Sam has brought her group date out to a trampoline park for a game of extreme dodgeball. Richie tells us that he “really, really, really, really” wants to win and once announced captain of the red team, he chooses strategically. First choice is Will, on account of him being “cut as mustard” and second, Kayne (more affectionately known as Kanye on account of his mad rap skills) who is actually a solid athlete. So it’s this motley crew against “The Jocks”: Sasha, Dave and Davey, leading Sasha to conclude: “This should be a nice little walk in the park.”

After some trash talk in the locker room, Davey leads out The Jocks with the game plan “just to kick ass,” while Richie channels Russell Crowe circa: Gladiator before opening a can of fury.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 ep 4 blog

In a shock twist The Jocks never saw coming, the red team nail the blue team in round one and quickly again in round two. With everything on the line in game three, The Jocks pull themselves together to win back a bit of pride and keep themselves in the race. With the scoreboard sitting at 2-1, the pressure was on, but as the blue team were whittled down to just one player, Will “threw that little orange Cheetoh at Davey’s stupid head and the game was won by red.”

The Bachelorette Australia S1 ep 4 blog

The hard-earned prize for the red team was at a Turkish bathhouse where they enjoyed champagne, mud baths and some one-on-one time with Sam. Later, Sam takes Will aside for some quiet time to find out if there’s a romantic spark between them…while soaping him down with a mitt. After seeing that soapy water seems to be the key to a man’s heart, Sam next takes team captain Richie into a spa full of rose petals. There, the pair share a deep conversation about their family lives and why they’ve both been a bit hesitant in the past to commit.

At the cocktail party, Michael who has not been on any dates this week, snaps up some alone time with Sam as soon as she arrives. Once alone, he hands her a cassette tape holder full of random facts about him. Sam seems impressed by this gift and with Michael in general, we know this because she’s laughing and, as the boys looking on keenly observe, SHE HAS HER HAND ON HIS LEG.

After wrapping with Michael, Sam pulls Sasha away for a quick chat. This ruffles the feathers of the other roosters as they feel that Sasha is looking like a clear favourite with our Bachelorette. In another room and completely unaware of any hurt feelings, Sam waits patiently as Sasha goes to grab her second gift for the evening. When she unwraps the gift, it is clear to see why this guy is getting a lot of her attention, he’s made a piece of artwork for her that encompasses all the things he’s learned about her so far.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 ep 4 blog

While Alex, and let’s face it…probably Sasha, are safe at tonight’s rose ceremony, no one else is a sure bet.