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War of the Roses - Shall We Dance?

We open tonight’s episode in the locker room drawing room, where team captain Sasha gets up to have a word with the boys about the previous cocktail party. It is here they decide to officially drop The Bro Code to instead operate with a mutual respect for each other and for each individual’s time with Sam.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 3 blog

After a cheering of tea mugs, Osher walks in with the next blue envelope. The winner of the single date is non-other than team captain, Sasha.

Waiting at a pink hacienda, a very nervous Sam babbles her way through the date introduction telling Sasha they’re going to be hitting the dance floor. This could be Sam’s chance to see the first chink in Sasha’s armour as he lets us know his “dancing skills are horrific”. But ever the optimist, Sasha looks at the positives, seeing their tango lesson as an opportunity to get up close and personal to our Bachelorette.

While Sam loses the power of speech when Sasha takes off his shirt, she certainly doesn’t lose her sense of touch as things get close very quickly learning the steps. The dance is all coming together finishing in a big dip where the pair lock eyes and a flustered Sam does her best not to pass out. Where’s the love-heart-eye emoji when you need one?!

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 3 blog

Back at the mansion, kooky musician Will reads out the next date card. He reveals it’s a group date that involves the boys taking the lead. A host of names are read out including Davey who still feels he needs to redeem himself from a bad start, but notably absent from the call up are English gent Alex who’s yet to go on a date and Birdman Drew.

When we return to the hacienda, Sam and Sasha are having a post-rehearsal refreshment. Sam explains she chose him for the single date in order to push past her awkwardness and once the nerves settle, they discuss the brilliant step-dads they’ve both had in their lives. When Sam makes it to the end of the conversation having made complete sense the whole time, we get the feeling something really special is starting up between these two.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 3 blog

To round out their date, the pair pop on some dance gear and perform the Argentine Tango. Although their moves probably won’t score them the lead in Strictly Ballroom II, the passion and attraction that is at the heart of the tango is definitely there. In an intimate chat that follows, Sasha reveals that he has been engaged before, but has never really found someone who has been on completely the same page. This may all be about to change as Sam gives him the first rose of the night. While pinning the rose to his shirt, there’s a moment of electricity as we all wait for Sasha to KISS HER…but he hesitates and it ends with a peck on the cheek. Sasha and all of us at home smack hand to forehead at the opportunity missed.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 3 blog

GROUP DATE! And we’re off to the Sydney Polo Club where Osher is waiting to tell the boys their date is a photo shoot for charity. As Sam is a huge animal lover, she’s decided the best way to show this side of her personality with the boys is to make them take off their shirts and pose with dogs. And we all decide we REALLY love Sam.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 3 blog

While Richie is a little nervous about “ripping his lid off” in front of the boys, others were more than happy to get undressed…like Tony, the buff air-host. Despite Richie laying down in wee for his shot and Kayne wrestling an extremely overactive dog for his, it’s Michael’s ease with the shoot that ends up winning him alone time with Sam at the end of the day.

In their one-on-one, Sam lets Michael know that he’s playing an impressive game and that she really wants to get to know more about him. In return, in a very direct sportsman-like fashion, Michael lets her know where he stands – he likes her you guys! There’s a hug to round things out…but no rose.

At the cocktail party, the first thing we all notice is Birdman Drew is sporting a bun and no beard. Is he trying to clean things up to make a fresh impression?

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 3 blog

Another Bachelor keen on making an impression on Sam is Kayne from WA. Despite his attempt at a headstand going horribly awry last time, Kayne decides to try out another gimmick in his one-on-one chat with Sam: rap. Oh dear, deep breaths everyone.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 3 blog

While the rap is predictably horrible, his intentions are very sweet and Sam being the great sport she is cheers him on the whole time. It’s a winner in the end, with Sam loving that Kayne was happy to embrace his silly side in order to make her laugh.

Waiting in the wings is Birdman Drew. Pun intended. Their conversation instantly goes to a deep place as Sam lets us know he brings out the nurturing side in her. Drew has put himself right out there with Sam, and the depth of his feelings for her. Walking back to the mansion, their body language signals that Birdman may be in a little trouble here.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 3 blog

Back inside, air-host Tony is confident playing the quiet game will get him through to the next dates, but it doesn’t get him one-on-one time tonight as Sam steals Sasha away into the garden. As the pair stumble through another conversation about their feelings, Sasha says he really want to kiss her and Sam replies YOU should… Go anxious anxiousSam! The first kiss ever on The Bachelorette Australia is a cheeky pash down in the backyard that leaves them both lost for words, so they go for ANOTHER KISS. Wowsers.

The Bachelorette Australia S1 Ep 3 blog

With Sasha the only man who’s place is secured, which of the remaining boys will be saying goodbye to Sam for the last time?