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Dog Days with the Bachelors

Cute dogs and shirtless guys go together like strawberries and cream. From naked cave men hunting with their hounds to topless firefighters knocking down doors with Dalmatians, man-pecs and mutts have always been inseparable.

This week The Bachelorette pays homage to this tradition – by dressing down the Bachelors to pose with their ‘spirit dog.’ Let’s take a paws to analyse why each Bachelor belongs with his hound, as chosen by our Bachelorette Sam.

Will, Japanese Spitz

The Bachelorette Episode 3

Thriving on human companionship, the Japanese spitz is an intelligent breed eager to please. They thrive on attention, acting affectionate and mischievous in turn to get it. If they had the opposable thumbs and motor skills necessary to play musical instruments, dog experts have theorised that they would take up guitar playing as it garners the most attention. Some owners report these dogs barking unique ‘ditties’ that they have (presumably) created for their owner.

Dave, Boxer

A fun-loving, strong, energetic dog, Boxers are frequently chosen as family dogs. They are usually stable, self-assured, and playful. They can occasionally be nervous around strangers, but after formal introductions they can become very attached. They have remarkable skill with fetch, and are known to catch balls travelling at high speeds to impress their owners.

Kieren, Pomeranian (x2)

The Bachelorette Episode 3

Pomeranians are friendly, lively and very cute dogs. Quite extroverted, they love being the centre of attention. They are alert and sensitive to changes in their environment, particularly when other dogs enter or leave their territory. This can lead to confrontations with other dogs, throwing a spaniel (ahem, spanner) in the works when trying to get a kennel together.

Davey, Rottweiler

A sturdy and fearless dog, Rottweilers are the quintessential guard dog. They respond well to strict training, rules and regulations – following a self-constructed ‘Woof Code’ that helps them rationalise their actions and the actions of other dogs. Prone to fidgeting, Rottweilers are often found chasing their tail.

Richie, Rhodesian Ridgeback

Ridgebacks are known for their bravery, extreme loyalty and easy going, affectionate nature. From hunting lions in South Africa to dodging glasses in Perth, the Ridgeback’s endurance and perseverance are famous. It has a peculiar bark that, to the English-speaking ear, is transcribed as “Rool Rananas.”

Tony, Maltese

The Bachelorette Episode 3

The classic toy dog. Maltese dogs prefer enclosed, indoor areas (like a gym or an airline cabin) than outside areas. Known for their majestic appearance (which requires a lot of maintenance), Maltese often compete in dog shows. Also known to fall asleep while being photographed.

Kayne, Staffordshire Terrier

‘The loveable rogues of the dog world.’ Staffordshire terriers are boisterous and can be combatative, and have been known to challenge other dogs to hind-leg-stand competitions and rhythmic barking competitions. They take great delight in pleasing their owners through these stunts.

Michael, German Shepherd cross

While not a true German Shepherd, this dog appears to have many of its characteristics. Calm, steady and trustworthy, German Shepherds make excellent companion dogs. They usually get on with other pets, but can get annoyed by self-important yappy dogs. They’re excellent at playing fetch, and would make an amazing growlkeeper.