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Cupid’s Wings Are Clipped As Jake Ricciardo Leaves The Bachelorette Mansion

Though he may be the god of love, sadly Jake Ricciardo didn’t receive a rose on Thursday night, ending his journey on The Bachelorette Australia.

Making a huge impression during the season premiere, meeting Elly and Becky Miles in a stunning Cupid costume (complete with massive feathery wings), Jake was sent packing.

Explaining his red carpet outfit to 10 play, Jake said he just wanted to do something “pretty wild”.

“I’m a confident person, I’m all about love and spreading the good vibes, good energy… and I do have [cupid] tattooed on me so, yeah!”

Revealing that he’s got a cupid near his hip, Jake went on to explain that he wanted to show the Bachelorettes that he definitely doesn’t lack confidence.

“I think I’m a very interesting and pretty out-there person,” Jake said, “I’m really comfortable in the body I was born in, the skin that I have and I’m happy with the person that I am.”

And though he didn’t receive a rose from the sisters, Jake still raved about his albeit brief time with Elly and Becky.

“The girls are awesome, to be honest. They’re amazing. Really cool, down-to-Earth and have really good vibes about them. They were real fun,” he said.

While he enjoyed his time in the mansion, not receiving a rose wasn’t a huge shock to the explosives handler.

“I’m a bit of a city boy,” he said, “you could see we were just on different pages and I had a feeling something was coming.

“I just felt like I was enjoying my time there, building connections with the other boys and the girls there as well. At the end of the day I kind of knew that it wasn’t going to be where I saw myself, in the top 10, but I just enjoyed my time having fun and embracing the moment.”

Unfortunately, as his time was cut short, Jake said he felt like he was only just warming up in the mansion, and that there was plenty more to see — especially when it came to his wardrobe.

“I work in the mines,” the 26-year-old said, “I go from being in that environment where I’m getting all dusty, dirty and working hard. Coming back and getting all freshened up, getting into fashion and creative with things is a good switch-up.”

Having taught himself to sew from YouTube after he ripped his jeans while dancing at a party, Jake fell into creating his own clothes and upcycling his own fashion.

“I love getting dressed up, I love expressing your way and wearing stuff that no one has. It’s good to be yourself,” he said, adding, “have confidence and rock things.”

Looking to start his own fashion brand one day, the former mixologist also hopes to open his own bar. But for now, a still single Jake isn’t ruling out spreading his wings on a dating show again. Hopeful for a second chance at love, Cupid has his next arrow aimed at Paradise.

“At the end of the day, I feel like everything does happen for a reason.”

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