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AB Sow Rejects A Rose During The First Rose Ceremony

In a bold move, one of this year’s Bachelors turned down a rose during the very first Rose Ceremony, sending shockwaves through the Mansion.

AB Sow made a big impression on Becky and Elly Miles as he showed off his dance moves on the red carpet, but it was his sashaying away that made his brief time on the show memorable.

Speaking to 10 play, AB said it was a combination of things that forced him to turn down the rose, ending his time in the Mansion, which began with Elly and Becky’s speech to the Bachelors during the Cocktail Party.

“They said what they were there for and I just felt how genuine they were about what they were trying to do, which was trying to find someone to fall in love with,” he said, adding, “saying they wanted someone honest, upfront and down to Earth.”

From that point, AB said he felt slightly uneasy being in the house, a feeling that only increased after a few conversations with some of the other Bachelors.

“I obviously thought I was ready to find someone but, having spoken to these guys, I think they were way further into that than I was,” he said. “I felt behind in that sense and that made me feel like okay, obviously I can’t lie. I have to be upfront and not waste their time because [of what] they said at the start of the night.”

Getting some one-on-one time with Becky during the Cocktail Party, AB also said due to the Bachelorettes being in high demand, he wasn’t able to get some solo time with Elly which he also felt could have contributed to his feeling that he didn’t want to continue in the house.

The filmmaker, model, and dancer said he had no regrets with his final decision.

“I think it was the right choice for me to make, given the situation,” he said, adding that after turning down the rose when he got the opportunity to explain to Becky his actions he was even more sure he had made the right move.

“She understood why and respected it as well and I also mentioned there’s someone in [the mansion] that you’re probably going to end up with,” he said, adding, “We had a chuckle in the end as well so it was all good.”

AB revealed he signed up for The Bachelorette having become too caught up with work to find a relationship.

“Trying to look for someone became such a low priority I sort of thought The Bachelorette would be the opposite way of finding someone when you’re fully committed,” he explained.

Though things didn’t quite work out as he had imagined, AB said he hoped his time on the series could inspire others to be more upfront about their intentions.

“The dating scene is a bit weird… I feel like a bit of honesty could be injected back into dating and that’s what I hope maybe this does.

“Wasting people’s time is not cool.”

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