A Guide to Hometown Dates

They say love banishes fear. Whoever said that obviously never experienced a hometown date. Full of grills, chills and spills the insider whipped up this fool-proof guide on how to charm your way through any hometown date.

Your Relationship

It’s inevitable that you will be asked how you met your partner and how you feel about them. If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with the old dependables:

“We have a really strong connection.”

“He/she is a great guy/girl.”

“We have a lot in common.”

Location, location, location

The Bachelorette

In today’s globalised world, it’s possible your beloved could be from a land far away. They could even be from New Zealand. You’ll doubtlessly be asked if you are willing to move for your partner – always answer with a vague positive. Unless they buy you a plane ticket, saying you might move does not mean you WILL move.

Turn up the charm

The Bachelorette

This is when you flash your winning smile, throw your head back with laughter, and pull out the party tricks (brush up your Osher impersonation). Don’t be afraid to flirt too – a little goes a long way. Just look at Sam’s masterful handling of Michael’s hometown date in episode 8:

Michael’s Dad: “I’ve seen a thousand pictures, but in real life you are absolutely beautiful.”

Sam: “Oh thank you very much!!”

Michael’s Dad: “I love your eyes… they say eyes are the window to the soul.”

(later) Sam: “I could definitely tell where Michael gets his good looks from.”


The Bachelorette

The big question that all newly minted couples endure – ‘when will I have grandkids/nieces/nephews/more family members?’ An enthusiastic yes or a stern no will earn you some odd looks – safest to smile and say ‘maybe’ for now.

Be Yourself

In the end, honest heartfelt answers work wonders when making a good first impression. Sure, if they think you’re a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Oscar-winner philanthropist then you’ll be the toast of the table at first… but a little white lie can come back to haunt you.