A Definitive Ranking Of The Bachelors Ability To Look After Children, From 'Please Babysit Anytime' to 'Hide Yo Wife, Hide Yo Kids'

Whew! Elly and Becky sure put the remaining Bachelors through their paces during Wednesday night's episode of 'Daddy Daycare'.

We're all about equality in 2020, and Elly and Becky are modern gals looking for partners who are willing to work as a team and share in the domestic duties. This includes everything from helping with changing dirty nappies and nightly feeds to cleaning up the house and cooking dinner. And what better way to test the boys than by leaving them alone with a trashed house and a bunch of babies who won't. Stop. Crying!

Some of the Bachelors are born naturals, while others... not so much.


Joe tops the chart on this date, and we’d call him to babysit anytime. The bloke can multitask, that's for sure. He was straight in the kitchen doing the worst job - washing the dishes by hand- while his little baby slept soundly on his chest, all with a cheeky smile on his face. It probably helps that his biggest goal in life is to have a family of his own. 10/10 points for Joe!

Adrian, Sam, Pete and Shannon

These guys were a collective close second to Joe. They all juggled nursing their babies and cleaning their nappies while cooking up a storm for lunch and cleaning the house. Plus, they didn't stop to rest until everything was organised.

Sam mentioned that he grew up looking after his nieces and nephews, so he's had a lot more practice looking after children than some of the other guys. He certainly proved that the babysitting skills he learnt growing up weren't lost on him during the group date.

And granted, while Shannon was confident looking after his baby, he wasn't too great with the ol' mop and bucket. He created more suds than a bubble bath but hey, he gave it a red-hot crack and his extra time with Becky afterward the date was well deserved.

We’d be happy to let them look after our lil’ rascals if they can also guarantee us a glass of wine and a hot dinner when we get home!


Adam is SO sweet, bless him! He didn’t cause any drama at all and tried his best, but the only reason we’d hesitate in giving him a babysitting gig is because he accidentally broke his child’s leg before the group date had even started. If that was a real baby, he’d be in a world of trouble.

Frazer and James

It really comes as no surprise as to why Frazer and James would be the last blokes we’d want looking after our kids. Not only did they do a whole bunch of slacking off, but they decided to leave their newborn babies chilling alone in a blow up pool!

If there was ever a moment to hide yo' kids, it would be now!

Oh, and when Adam asked if their babies were drowning in there, the boys just shrugged it off by saying “Nah, they’re tanning and chilling out”.


Unfortunately for James, he was sent packing at the Rose Ceremony for reasons other than his inability to look after a small infant. However, Frazer has been a top contender for Elly's heart from the start. But Joe has really stepped it up the last few episodes, from cooking Elly their first date meal to nailing the babysitting gig. So, should Frazer be worried? Will this come between his and Elly's great connection? You'll just have to keep watching to find out!

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