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33 Thoughts Everyone Had Watching The Bachelorette Premiere

Is that... a donkey?

1. Georgia looks so beautiful

2. Cameron is a firefighter?

3. CALENDAR?! Hello, Mr May!

4. Aww, Jake is so adorable!

5. Rhys is one suave looking man. Who does he look like?!

6. She speaks French? Ha! Rhys was not expecting that…

The Bachelorette

7. Courtney, I would never say no to your macaroni bracelet

8. Georgia is definitely going to struggle to bring all those amazing gifts back to her Bachelorette pad

9. OMG, Carlos is a stripper

10. To be honest, I’d probably take a Tiffany & Co. bracelet over a poem…

11. He brought a DONKEY? What is this show?

12. Lee is definitely the king of dad jokes

13. So many gorgeous men… Good luck, Georgia!


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15. Falling for you already? Ben is so smooth!

16. Wait… did he just… three nervous poos? Oh no…

17. Clancy is such a babe, beard or no beard

18. OMG, Sam looks so stumped this is hilarious

19. Tomato sauce goes in the pantry obviously… I’m with you, Georgia!

20. Wow, Ryan really does look like Heath Ledger!

21. Am I sensing Carlos vs. Courtney: The Ultimate Bracelet-off?

22. No way, the donkey is still here?!

23. “Big Harry Potter Guy”- so that’s who Rhys reminds me of!

24. Ooh, fancy orange rose, tell me more, Osher!

25. Georgia - what an entrance!

26. Competition is on

27. This bromance between Rhys and Aaron is cute, but THIS is so awkward

28. Aww, Cameron you sweetheart, Georgia could definitely be the Jasmine to your Aladdin

29. I feel like that may not be yoga

Bachelorette article

30. YES! Goodbye Clancy’s beard!

31. It’s official, bring a girl pasta and she’ll be yours!

32. Rose ceremony! It’s crunch time.

33. Goodbye Dale and Carlos :’(