Jimmy Nicholson

Jimmy Nicholson

Flying his way into our hearts, is First Officer Jimmy Nicholson.

The family-orientated action man, loves anything with a motor and already has his dream job of flying airplanes. Now, he’s looking for an independent woman to go on life’s adventures with.

After being lucky enough to check out the flight deck of a plane at eight years old, Jimmy’s passion was solidified. And with a pilot Grandfather and Uncle, and father working for years at an airline, his destiny was sealed.

The New South Wales native has a passion for doing up motorcycles and with licenses for planes, cars, motorcycles, gliding and scuba diving, it’s safe to say there’s never a dull moment.

Jimmy’s thirst for adventure comes from his family. From multi-day flying trips with his Dad to completing over 10 triathlons with his sporty Mum, Jimmy loves his close-knit family. Their regular Sunday night get togethers see them enjoy conversations where no topic off-limits, and a grilling is always expected from his psychologist Mum and sister.

While the current lady in is life is a seven-year old Border Collie named Billie, who loves to fall asleep on his shoulder, Jimmy is looking for a special human who shares his love of travel and adventure.

Growing up with two strong independent women has shown Jimmy key traits he hopes for in his future partner. The 31-year old’s ideal woman knows what she wants in life, has drive and doesn’t feel the need to play games. Jimmy leads with his heart and is fiercely loyal so all he asks is that people be their authentic selves.

His parents have been married for over 30 years, are extremely close and have taught him that ‘love is something that involves a lot of work and is worth fighting for.’