Age: 23

Occupation: Sales Manager

State: QLD

Fiery and sassy, Zoe-Clare has no filter. Although raised in the country, this 23-year-old sees herself more as a city slicker. Tired of dating losers and looking for her happily ever after, this redhead wants a real man who shares her family’s love of sport.

Why do you think you’re still single?

After my last relationship I focused heavily on work and kind of shut out the opportunity to meet someone.

Describe your perfect man.

Loving, intelligent, tall, with pretty eyes and handsome!

What are your relationship deal breakers?

Cheating, sexist, and narcissistic men.

How do you plan on winning over the Bachelor’s heart?

By being me. I want him to see how much I care about my family and the people I love.

What is one trait that might make the Bachelor run the other way?

Talking really fast and loud.