Age: 26

Occupation: Admin Assistant

State: WA

Bubbly, with a fondness for dad jokes, Clare is a passionate traveler looking for a man with nice eyes and a nice smile. Growing up on a farm, and after years of putting relationships on the back-burner, Clare is looking for the kind of love her parents have.

Why did you apply for the show?

At first it was a bit like, “oh well why not… Very unlikely I’d even get on.” But when I was contacted about going on the show, I thought it was maybe my turn to find true love.

Describe your perfect man.

Someone who is family orientated, likes to have a good laugh – even at their own expense - and someone who is truly your best friend.

Why do you think you’re still single?

I just haven’t found my partner in crime yet.

Describe your dream date.

Just two people hanging out, getting to know each other and having a chat while eating yummy food!

What would be a deal breaker for you?

Someone who isn’t family orientated, who doesn’t support how you feel or the things you believe in, or who doesn’t treat you with respect!