‘When I Love, I Love Hard; But When I Hate, I Hate Harder’: The Boss Areeba Emmanuel Is Out Of The Bachelor Mansion

She arrived letting Locky know exactly who was going to be the boss, and from that moment on Areeba Emmanuel became a fan-fave.

Refusing to be anything other than herself, Areeba wasn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers... or shake the whole nest out of the tree.

“I remember going into the mansion, I had a chat with the psychologist and I said look, I know I’m going to get hate. I’m prepared, I’m ready for that,” Areeba told 10 play. “I’m going to be who I am and if people hate it? Too bad. I don’t care.

“But I’ve been getting so much love, it’s crazy. I didn’t know what to do. I was like, what the hell? Is this real?”

From the very first night, Areeba found herself in a smaller clique with Juliette and Kristina. Often seen at odds with the rest of the house, Areeba said from her perspective, she didn’t feel supported by some of the other bachelorettes.

“Their friendship wasn’t something that I wanted… I had my girls and that was good enough for me. In all honesty, they didn’t matter to me anyway,” she said.

As things became more intense and the competition became tighter, on Wednesday night Osher informed the bachelorettes that five of them would be leaving the mansion.

“I was like f**k, I’m going home,” Areeba said, laughing.

“Everybody knew there was no connection with me and Locky,” she said, adding, “I thought there might be later down the track if I did get a single date or extra time, but there wasn’t any, so I was like alright. Time for me to go home!”

Without that time with Locky, Areeba said she never had the opportunity to investigate a real connection — only really getting moments with the bachelor on group dates or for a handful of minutes at a cocktail party.

“Everybody interrupts everyone so just having those two or three minutes of chat is just not enough,” she said. “And I’m so big on chemistry, if I don’t click with you at the start of it it’s really hard for me to feel that. I tried, but obviously [there was] just not enough time.

“I remember telling Kaitlyn and Juliette, ‘You’ve got this, I’m going home tonight but remember you guys are great’. That’s exactly how I went into that rose ceremony.”

Throughout her time on the show, Areeba formed strong friendships that she still cherishes today.

“I speak to Juliette and Kristina pretty much every day, and Kaitlyn as well. I built really great friendships… I always supported them and I was just always there for them no matter what,” she said.

“When I love, I love hard; but when I hate, I hate harder.”

Despite being a polarising figure — both in and outside the mansion — Areeba said if she had her time all over again she wouldn’t do anything differently.

“I was honest, I was straight to the point, I don’t deal with people’s bulls**t and I will say how I feel. If I was to go into another show, it would be exactly how I was on The Bachelor,” she said.

Despite having zero regrets from her time in the mansion and saying she had the best time, Areeba isn’t packing up her life for another show just yet.

“People are saying, ‘She’s already bought her ticket to Bachelor in Paradise’. I don’t know. It’s not on my list of things to do. But… I don’t know!”

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