What The Hell Just Happened? Bachie Week Three Was Nuts

A walkout, a walk away and a whole lotta C-bombs in between. Things got INTENSE this week on The Bachelor. In case you missed it, we’ve broken down the dramz to get you up to speed

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Abbie Got A Single Date

After most gals chose Abbie over Sogand to enjoy some alone time with Matt at the last cocktail party – which led to THAT scandalous make-out sesh - Sogand then had the pleasure of reading Abbie’s name from a card offering a single date. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound.

The Bachelor Australia on 10 and 10 play 2019

Pool Chat

Abbie was loving her one-on-one time with Matt, but there was this nagging feeling she just couldn’t shake off. Apparently, Monique had been bad-mouthing Matt to the other Bachelorettes, referring to him as a “dog [C-word]” and a “disrespectful pig”, for hooking up with Abbie in the vicinity of his other potential love interests.

Although we didn't see this convo on TV, you must admit, it’s a pretttyyyy strong allegation to make about someone.

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Holding Back

Normally, our Bachie is quite open to canoodling on the first date, but with all this unnecessary drama playing in the back of his mind, he ended his oyster-pearl baby-making date (yes, apparently that’s a thing) with Helena, by pecking her on the cheek and a giving her a “yeah look, yeah… I’ll see ya soon”.

It’s basically every girl’s dating nightmare, and we couldn’t help but feel a lil bad for her.

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Confronting Monique

Matt confronted Monique at the cocktail party, but of course, she vehemently denied any wrongdoing of the sort. It was Abbie’s word against Monique’s, and when Matt couldn’t get to the bottom of it, he dug even further by asking the others what they had heard.

Some saw it in a joking manner, some didn’t, and according to Sogand, it all came down to plain bogan-ness.

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Matt Walks

Matt spent the whole night trying to get straight answers and, in the end, must have thought - F**k it, this night has been a total waste of time and I’ve got a raging headache from all this petty bullsh*t - And then he walked. Vanished. See ya later alligator.

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The Rose Ceremony

Once the Bachie had a bitta time to cool off, it was down to business – the Rose Ceremony. He figured “everyone deserves a second chance” and chose to give his last rose to Monique over Julia, much to the surprise (and disgust) of Abbie.

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Married… With Children

The Bachelorettes were NOT happy with Abbie for sharing what was a private conversation between the girls, to Matt.

To throw more fuel on the fire, Abbie admitted in a voiceover that “Wedding’s aren’t really anything to me. I don’t think I’d want to get married”. Yet, when asked on the compatibility date where she would like to be in five years’ time, she answered “married with kids”.


Will the girls keep HER secret?

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Monique Leaves

Matt and Monique attempted to hash things out at the next Cocktail Party, but Monique’s constant jumping between remembering the illicit conversation and not remembering it was enough for Matt to send her packing.

The other Bachettes were upset, and Abbie put on her very best shocked expression.

Sogand wasn’t buying any of it. And if next week’s teaser is anything to go by, some more sh*t is gonna hit the fan!

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