‘We Had No Idea’: Kristina Abramoff Says There Never Was A Cocktail Party Scheme

Having left the Bachelor mansion on Thursday night, a mystery still swirled around exactly what went down earlier in the week during a cocktail party.

Speaking to 10 play from her home in WA, Kristina said she wasn’t surprised when she didn’t receive a rose this week.

“I feel like I had the least amount of time with Locky and had made the least amount of effort with him,” she admitted.

“I’m not someone that’s going to throw myself on a guy, but all these girls were always making the effort with him, always trying to talk to him and that’s really good for them,” Kristina continued, “I’m not surprised that I left before them in that regard.”

But her time in the house wasn’t without a bit of controversy. She and buddies Areeba and Juliette were accused of hatching some kind of plan on Wednesday night to overthrow the cocktail party.

“We had no idea,” Kristina said, “we were just talking to each other, I wasn’t even thinking about the other girls! All we were thinking about was trying to talk to Locky or having fun with each other.”

Things reached boiling point when Juliette was confronted by one of the other bachelorettes who demanded to know what their grand plan was for the evening.

“It just came from nowhere,” Kristina said, adding that she believes the other bachelorettes may have thought the trio were planning another three-on-one chat with Locky, which they did earlier in the season.

“They thought we had planned that for a long time coming, like it was a massive plan to hijack him when it was purely just being efficient,” she said, laughing. “We were like, how about we talk to him together, it’ll be easier.

“From then on they thought that all we did was scheme, scheme, scheme."

Despite all the drama, Kristina described her time on the show as “such a positive experience”.

“I’m so happy I did it, it’s just such a nice thing to look back on,” she added.

Leaving the mansion, Kristina was told of the growing severity of the coronavirus pandemic and was told that if she didn’t make her flight, the WA border would be closing.

“I had no idea what that even meant because we’ve never experienced something like that before,” Kristina said, “I got home at like 2 pm and the border was closing at like 4 pm.”

Laughing, Kristina said she was “very grateful actually” not to receive a rose and to have been able to get home when she did.

Though she didn’t win Locky’s heart in the end, Kristina was more thrilled about the friendships she made while in the house, though watching the series has been bittersweet.

“It does make me sad to see my friends because they live in Sydney and it makes me miss them more.”

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