The Funniest Moments On The Bachelor So Far

It’s only been two weeks' worth of juicy romance with a side of drama on The Bachelor, but these moments made us laugh out loud.

Izzy’s Red Carpet Arrival

Surely we aren’t the only ones who are obsessed with Izzy, right?

From the moment she stepped onto the Red Carpet, her laughter and outgoing personality had us hooked. She’s looking for a guy to leave her breathless – literally! - admitting, “I definitely hope the Bachelor is funny, cause if you haven’t made me have an asthma attack from laughing, you’re not that funny.”

Locky seems to tick her boxes, because when he made a joke about her picturing him naked when her asthma puffer falls out of her dress, Izzy unleashes into a fit of laughter. Hilarious!

Champaign Poppin’

Hands up if you’re 30 years old and have never popped a champagne bottle? Well, you’re not the only one.

On a romantic boat date with Bella, Locky admits he too has never popped a bottle, and we can’t help but think, “how does he celebrate a celebration?”. Bella’s laughing at him and so are we, but eventually he pops his bottle poppin’ cherry and the cork lands somewhere in the deep void. The look on his face when he tasted the liquid gold WAS gold – obviously not a fan of the fancy stuff. Someone get this man a beer, stat!

Laura’s Commentary

Laura has her way with words. And facial expressions. We never know quite what to expect when she pops up on our screens. But more than that, it’s her stark enthusiasm and passion for what she’s saying that just makes each moment hilarious.

One of our favourites include her reaction when Bella gets back from her amazing date with Locky. With a look on her face that says, “I’m not impressed”, she says, “Oh, this is great news. I want to be happy for her but I’m a bit salty to be honest. She’s wife material you know, like I’d wife her and I’m allowed to cause its 2020 and I can marry chicks… but I won’t.”

Old Mate Steve

Haaaaaaaave you met Steve? If not, then WTF are you waiting for?!

Steph, uh, sorry Steve is one funny Dad. Never in Bachelor history has a father ever flirted with the Bachelor. Let alone the Bachelor actually liking it.

During the photoshoot, Steph was completely stitched up having to dress up as Irena’s father. But Steph took it like a champ and showed Locky her fun-natured personality.

Plus, she wasn’t scared to steal her ‘daughters’ man, saying, “I mean, it’s hard taking your daughter's boyfriend, but what are you gonna do?”

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Fun Foursome Chats

Cocktail parties can get feisty. Everyone wants to have a chat with Locky and the fear of being sent home really kicks in. Areeba, Juliette and Kristina come up with a master plan to invite Locky for a chat together, all eyes are on them and Locky looks like he’s having the time of his life. And we can’t help but laugh at some of the bombs they drop, especially when the girls ask things like, “So we wanted to know if you like a bit of a burrito, a kebab or a butter chicken.” Ha, we see what you’re doing there. The looks on the other girls' faces are priceless. 


The girl who swears on her eyebrows is the breath of fresh air we need this season.

A classic line we’re sure her friends won’t let her forget anytime soon occurred during the Cocktail Party, when Bella wanted to chat with Locky even though she had already spent a full day with him on a date. Charley knew it would stir up issues and said it would create World War 3, then quickly questioned herself with “Wait, has World War 3 already happened?”. Look, we don't blame her for being a lil confused!

Gridiron Group Date

Locky took the girls on a competitive group date, where they played a modified game of American football AKA GridironAll eyes were on Roxi and Charley wasn’t having a bar of it, so to grab Locky’s attention, she crash-tackled Roxi to the ground, in a fall which could probably have been heard from the Bachelor mansion.  

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