The Do’s and Don’ts of Impressing The Fam (And Vice Versa)

Meeting the fam for the first time? Here are our tips and tricks on getting in the good books – from both sides!

DO: When your loved one’s date walks through the door, greet them with a compliment that will stroke their ego. In the case of Abbie’s Uncle Rob, proclaiming "YOU ARE GORGEOUS!" to a very nervous Matt was enough to put the nerves at ease and get him a spot on the nice list.

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DON’T: Give your loved one’s potential future partner the third degree. It’s totally normal to have concerns about how the relationship is progressing (especially when they meet on a show as ‘unconventional’ as The Bachelor­), but Chelsie’s sister Shannon was NOT about to have just any man waltz in and charm the fam with his good looks and nerdy brain.

Matt barely had time to digest his dinner before Shannon grilled him to within an inch of his life. She was clearly hoping to find cracks in his façade and went as far as asking if he was “worthy” of her sister and if he was just “telling her what she wanted to hear”.

Luckily for Matt, he was spared any intense questions from Chelsie’s totes adorable parents!

The Bachelor Australia 2019 on 10 and 10 play

DO: Bring a gift. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy, but flowers and wine will do just the trick. Anything to show that you’ve put thought and effort into the meeting and you’re serious about getting to know the entire family, warts and all.

The Bachelor Australia 2019 on 10 and 10 play

DON’T: Be too intimidating. Crickets could be heard from across the street when Matt was left to his own devices upon meeting Helena’s dad. The silence was DEAFENING!

Even if you’re a lil suss about your daughter (or son's) date, do your best to make them feel comfortable and initiate conversation – ANYTHING that will make their date want to return to the family home again.

DO: When in doubt, turn to sport!

It’s always tough trying to impress a girl’s dad, and Matt chose a safe topic of discussion with Helena’s father. While he may have got the sporting code wrong, it showed interest on Matt’s part.

The Bachelor Australia 2019 on 10 and 10 play

DON’T: Forget important memories from your time together with your date and discuss them at the table with all the fam present.

Things got super awkward at dinner when Matt casually asked Helena, “You didn’t speak French on the red carpet from memory, did you?”. Uhh... Matt? We’re pretty sure she spoke more French than English upon her arrival at the mansion. Even her sister agreed that it was a “massive red flag”.

DO: Bring your manners and a smile – you never know if these people will become your future in-laws!

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