‘The Cameras Don’t Lie’: Chanel Tang Reveals The Truth Behind The Photo Shoot Kiss

After not receiving a rose on Wednesday night, flight manager Chanel opened up about her time in The Bachelor mansion.

Chatting to 10 play after being evicted from the mansion, Chanel explained how interesting it has been to watch the show back.

“Your experience in the mansion is just hearing what happened on dates, but actually seeing what happened and seeing how it all played out is very different,” she said.

“Like, Lily denied kissing him on that group date! And I was like, oh no, she definitely kissed him,” Chanel said, laughing.

Referring to the photo shoot group date where Lily and Jimmy ended up sharing a kiss in front of the other bachelorettes, Chanel said the version they heard back at the mansion was very different to what played out.

“She was like, ‘No I 100 percent did not kiss him I promise, it was just a pretend kiss!’ But the cameras don’t lie. It’s been juicy.”

Chanel also revealed that this wasn’t the first time she applied for The Bachelor Australia. Having seen Tim Robards find love with Anna, she applied for the very next season. Unsuccessful, it was still in the back of her mind and, when applications opened for Jimmy’s season, she gave it another shot.

“I’ve grown a lot and I’ve lived all over the world and know who I am,” she said, “I still haven’t met someone and I’ve done all the dating apps, speed dating and this is just the natural progression, isn’t it? Give something else a go.

“My experience dating has been I match with or start dating guys and then they tell me, a few months in, that they’re not looking for anything serious,” Chanel continued.

“At least I know the Bachelor is actually looking for something serious. It’s a big commitment to go on a show… At least I know it’s someone genuine who is looking for a relationship.”

Working in the same industry as Jimmy, Chanel’s flight-themed arrival did get quite a good reaction from the pilot, despite him not being her first choice of Bachelor.

“I actually was expecting to see Tommy Little, I’m not going to lie,” Chanel said, laughing, “and then I was like oh, it’s someone I don’t know!”

When she met Jimmy on the red carpet he joked that he “worked in aluminium tubing”, which flew straight over Chanel’s head.

“In my head I was thinking, god… that’s a weird occupation, but alright! Weird choice for The Bachelor but I guess that could come in handy?”

Going through her safety demonstration, the pilot started quizzing her on plane trivia which started to throw the already nervous Chanel off.

“I’m just trying to remember what I was going to say next because I had written a whole safety demonstration that I was going to do and I was like, what is this? Trivia night? It’s a fake aircraft, it’s not real… please just follow cabin crew instructions, this ends the question portion of the evening,” she joked.

Before she made her way into the mansion for the first time, Chanel said that Jimmy said she had made quite a good impression on him. Feeling secure, she didn’t chase him down at the cocktail party later.

On Wednesday night, as Jay took Jimmy to the business lounge, it appeared that most of his time was taken up with her blindfold taste test. Many of the bachelorettes were miffed they didn’t end up getting time with Jimmy before the Rose Ceremony, but Chanel revealed that she was one of the lucky ones that night.

“It was only a short cocktail party and Jay was with him for a while, but I did get a decent chat with him. A few of us did,” she explained.

“Not everyone, but I definitely got a decent chat so I was kind of surprised I went home!”

In the Rose Ceremony, Chanel and Madison were the two bachelorettes who didn’t receive roses, but despite being surprised, Chanel understood the reasoning behind it.

“After having conversations at the different cocktail parties, beyond working in the same industry I feel like we didn’t connect on any other levels,” she explained. “Just because two people work in the same industry doesn’t mean they were going to hit it off.”

While things didn’t work out with her and Jimmy, Chanel said she’d no doubt do something like The Bachelor again.

“I made really amazing friends in the mansion. You barely get to see us hanging out together but we spend every minute of every day together!

“I formed really good bonds with the girls… I got to see them really let loose and have fun and, yeah, we really got to bond in there.”

The Bachelor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play