The Best Bachelor Australia Photoshoot Stitch-Ups Ever

You know the drill. Every year, the chosen Bachelor goes on a photoshoot group date. While some of the Bachelorettes lap it up in their saucy outfits and glam AF make-up looks, some are.... not so lucky.

Locky is a self-confessed sucker for all things romance, so he and the girls kicked off the first group date of the year with a 'Tale of Romance' photoshoot. Girls were given roles ranging from appealing (hot dates at the bar/girlfriend/fiancee), to less appealing (mother/jealous sister), and in burrito-loving Steph’s case, she got the rough end of the stick.

In a hilarious scene, Steph was tasked with the unfortunate role of acting out the 50-something year old father of Locky's girlfriend (Irena) – not the kinda look/part you’d normally go for when trying to impress a guy you’ve got the hots for! The poor girl was absolutely stitched up in an ill-fitting suit, unruly curly wig and a moustache. It took us - and Locky - a hot minute to figure out who was even under there!

The best part was that Steph seemed completely unbothered by the whole thing. Most girls would have chucked a tanty at this point, but not Steph. She fully embraced her role as the protective dad from the get-go, cracking funnies like, "it says a lot about a man the way he handles his turkey," and telling his 'wife' to "stay off the vinos". What a legend! She's already up there as one of our favourite Bachelorettes this season, so far.

Other Bchelorette’s to be stitched up in past photoshoots are:

Jen, Matty J’s Season

If you don’t remember Jen, she was one of the more outspoken girls who walked out of the experience mid-season.

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During a Back to the ‘80s’ shoot, Jen was paired with Dutch bombshell Florence to do a Baywatch-esque scene. While Flo rocked a skimpy red bikini, Jen walked out “dressed like Sideshow Bob”.

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Jen’s far from a wallflower, and she admitted that watching Flo get all the attention “definitely sucked”, so she decided to changed things up a bit by stripping down to a cheeky one-piece and jumping in the pool. The tables most definitely turned, 'cause while Jen got up close and personal with Matty, Flo got up close and personal with a giant inflatable pool ball.

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Vanessa Sunshine, Honey Badger’s Season

Vanessa Sunshine needs NO introduction. She was stitched up during her photoshoot scene with the Honey Badger and season favourite, Brooke.

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In a ‘helping others’ scene, Nick and Vanessa were dressed as potato sacks - sorry, FIREFIGHTERS - while Brooke played the “damsel in distress,” who was saved by Nick as Vanessa awkwardly stood behind them holding an axe. The scene could best be described as when you’re third wheeling with your best mate and their boyfriend and they can’t stop giggling and whispering sweet nothings to each other and you’re left feeling very aware of how single you really are.

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Cayla, Honey Badger’s Season

Much like Vanessa Sunshine, Cayla (not to be confused with Kayla, the girl that randomly jumped into the pool on the first night) copped the raw end of the deal when she had to dress like an granny-looking librarian/teacher and awkwardly stand off to the side while Cat and Alisha got to dress as sexy schoolgirls and rub their mitts all over the Badger’s hot bod.

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Mary, Matt Agnew’s Season

Everyone’s favourite commentator Mary was stitched up as one of two evil stepsisters in a Cinderella scene. While ‘sibling’ Sogand was lucky to be fitted in a smokin’ hot red number and a bold red lip, Mary copped…. quite the opposite!

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She made it work in her favour though; unbuttoning her shirt to reveal a black bra and stealing the entire show! Cinderella who?

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