The Bachelorette Country Games

Who were the big winners of Sam’s Australiana Olympics? The Insider presents the medals.

Wooden Spoon: Jasmin

“Here sheepy, sheepy,” she cooed, but Mr Sheepy Sheepy wasn’t fooled. His lack of interest in being wrangled was an accurate reflection of his disinterested wrangler and her woolly excuses. Though she caught Sam’s eye with some eleventh hour grooves, sadly Princess Jasmin and the Barn Dance Redemption didn’t have a happy ending.

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Honourable Mention: Nina

Whether you believed her anatomical excuses during the apple bobbing challenge, it’s not easy to take such a small volume of water and make it look like you’ve just swum the Atlantic. Had Sam hosted a wet flannel competition, Nina would have unquestionably won. Still, at least she managed to secure the shirt off his back.

Bronze Medal: Bec

She’d never heard of apple bobbing, yet bobbed with aplomb. She didn’t so much wrangle a sheep, as watch it lie down at her feet like some love-struck livestock. Indeed, no Bachelor could deny ‘Sheep Whisperer’ Bec’s uncanny affinity for the simple life. It may not have been quite enough to win Sam’s undivided attention, but step on up Bec, you’ve won a place on our podium.

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Silver Medal: Heather

She was like a pouncing puma. Or was it a clawing bear? Whichever animal metaphor you think is most applicable, an apple bobbing star was born in Heather’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it winning performance. Her prize? The chance to make sweet lemonade with Sam. That she enjoyed even more one-on-one time later that day just shows how close Heather came to gold. And that when life gives you lemons, promise it pigtails.

Gold Medal: Snezana

She was an apple bobbing beginner. Her shepherding skills? Intermediate at best. Yet when it came to wrangling the Bachelor, there was only one winner. Be it the country air, magical moonlight or just pure Bachelorette mojo, Sam was well-sculpted putty in Snezana’s hands. Just how long the gold medal will sit around her neck, however, remains to be seen. The official investigation into Snez’s girl code-breaking violations begins tonight…

Episode 7