The Bachelor Season 7 Is Nearly Here

Get a first look of the new Bachelor, Matt Agnew, in The Bachelor Mansion

The stars are about to align for the new Bachelor, Matt and if there was ever an indication that he was meant to be The Bachelor Australia, it’s the reactions of the women as they meet him on night one.

Ranging from gasps of


“I can’t believe you’re smart, that’s so exciting!'

“All the boxes ticked, I can’t believe it!'

the stars are set to well and truly align for this down-to-earth guy.

However, we all know the road to love isn’t always easy and misunderstandings are bound to happen. Such is the case for Matt when he meets Abbie.

Declaring she is a Gemini after asking what Matt does for a living seems like the appropriate response, but for those in the know, astrophysics have absolutely nothing to do with astrology. Awkies...

Ever the gentleman, Matt graciously puts Abbie at ease by sharing he’s a Leo with a smile. With the crisis averted and the split second pause forgotten, laughs are had and it’s full steam ahead.

On what he actually does for a living, Matt said:

“As an astrophysicist I get to basically research to find another planet for future generations to live on.'

Handsome and looking for a planet to save us all? He truly is out of this world.

The Bachelor Australia Premiers Wednesday, 31st July at 7:30 on 10 and 10 play