The Bachelor Premiere Guarantees Fireworks

Matty J is ready. 22 of Australia’s most eligible and glamorous Bachelorettes are desperate for that limo door to open. And we can’t wait to see which one will sweep him off his feet.

We swooned, sighed, and cried as Matty J came so agonisingly close to winning his heart’s desire on The Bachelorette. Now, having bravely refused to close the book on true love, he begins a new chapter that will hopefully lead to the woman of his dreams.

22 stunning Bachelorettes are ready and waiting to fit the bill, and you’ll meet them with Matty when The Bachelor makes its highly anticipated return 7.30 Wednesday 26 July on TEN, continuing 7.30 the following night.

Aged between 23 and 34, these remarkable women include a police officer, a body painter, a midwife and a criminal lawyer, meaning Matty will undoubtedly have his work cut out when deciding who to offer those precious roses to.

The competition for his affection will be understandably fierce, so expect more drama, rivalries and romance than ever before. 

Host Osher Günsberg is back to ensure all’s fair in love and war, helping steady the Bachelor’s nerves, announce the memorable dates, and dispense a sage word of romantic advice or two. 

For Matty J, past heartbreak won’t dull a moment he feels has come at the perfect time. “More than ever I am so excited about the prospect of settling down,” he says. “Timing is such a crucial factor when it comes to making this commitment and I know wholeheartedly, there is nothing I want more.

“I feel so privileged that I have been given the opportunity to be the Bachelor. Without question, the most exciting part is the chance to meet the girl I am going to spend the rest of my life with.”