The Bachelor Mansion Heats Up With A Visit From Sex And Intimacy Coach Georgia Grace

After Locky and the Bachelorettes returned to the Mansion from a long lockdown, there was no one better to help them get reacquainted than Georgia Grace.

A certified sex, intimacy and relationships coach and writer, Georgia told 10 play that she works with couples, individuals and groups to support people through a range of sexual issues, or just people with a curiosity around sex and relationships who want to explore and further their education.

“I’ve always been a really curious person when it comes to sex, intimacy and relationships,” she said, “and I found that there’s not a huge amount of information and support out there. So I wanted to be part of the sexual revolution that was changing that, and that was working towards supporting people so they could have really fulfilling and pleasurable relationships with sex.”

Though there are a lot of misconceptions around the work Georgia does, her approaches often combine discussion, education, coaching or embodied counselling with a focus on sex, as well as working to de-stigmatise sex and pleasure.

“We’re very well aware of what psychologists do, that has thankfully become more socially and culturally acceptable for people to seek support when it comes to their psychology,” she said, “but if we look at sex, intimacy and relationships, there’s an assumption that we should just be naturally good at it. That if you’re attracted to someone then it should just click, you should get on, you should know how exactly to pleasure each other and it should be really easy, but that’s not the case.

“I do work with the topic of shame… how shame, stigma or taboo is affecting how they experience their body, how they’re having sex or relating to other people, and then letting go of the things that are no longer useful.

“Ultimately we live in quite a sex-negative society and culture,” Georgia continued, “and often the shame or stigma we carry around with us when it comes to sex and relationships isn’t our own. It’s just a result of how we’ve learned about sex, or what we haven’t learned.”

With the world in lockdown, many relationships were put to the test. Singles had to get used to limited access to intimacy, couples who may not have been used to spending all day every day with each other were now living and working alongside each other at home or — in the case of Locky and the Bachelorettes — some couples had been forced apart for a period of time.

“They had been separated for so long so I knew that it would be really important for them to have their opportunity to connect with each other,” Georgia said.

Heading into the mansion she said she tasked Locky and the Bachelorettes with enjoying quality time and to “build some arousal and relieve some of that anticipation”.

“For anyone who has ever been separated from someone who they’re in the initial stage of dating, you know that sense of longing you experience, it’s so challenging being separated from them,” Georgia said.

“I wanted to ensure they had time to connect, enjoy each other, have a bit of fun and also to build that intimacy that they had been missing.”

Georgia was also able to see the different kinds of intimacy between Locky and the Bachelorettes.

“it was really clear the different types of attraction,” she said, “There was the very intimate and comfortable attraction Locky had with some of the women, they felt really comfortable, they just melted into each other’s bodies.

“There was the explosive attraction, that was really obvious… and then there was the attraction that was a bit more comical, more playful.

“Having a hilarious, funny response to these kinds of practices are also really great because sex and intimacy is funny. Funny things happen all the time so it was very fascinating to see the different ways that Locky was connecting with them.”

Admitting that “it certainly is a different relationship dynamic”, Georgia said her focus was to make sure Locky had the opportunity to engage with the Bachelorettes, as well as allow the Bachelorettes to engage with him so they could each get a sense of what they want and need.

“It certainly is a different relationship dynamic, I don’t think it’s common for people to have that many girlfriends at once,” she said, laughing, “but I think that there were a lot of opportunities to learn and make sure that they were really clear in what they want and what they’re looking for so that Locky can make a decision that is right for him.

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