The Bachelor Australia: Wild Theories On Why Matt Walks

Guys, it’s happening, it’s really happening. MATT WALKS OUT OF THE MANSION! But what’s got his goat? We’ve put together some of the best theories as to why the man of the hour was left reeling.

He Was Hangry

After mornings spent sky-diving or judging archery or whatever out-of-this-world dating he does by day, Matt’s been arriving at cocktail parties with a keen appetite for what’s on the cheeseboards.

After consistently finding barely anything leftover but a few wafer cracker crumbs and a squashed grape on the side, he stormed out, raging with hunger, and made a quick dash to the nearest Micky D’s for a Double Quarter Pounder meal and 10 pack of nugs (extra sweet n sour sauce plz).

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The Girls Still Believe That His Profession Is Made-Up

Most of the Bachelorettes still haven’t wrapped their heads around what Matt does for a living – and who could blame them? We’re still unsure ourselves. Something something planets something.

Given his profession is niche and not often talked about in the mainstream world, whispers have been circulating that an Astro-fizz-icist is not a real job, but something he learnt from watching Star Trek.

Matt was deeply frustrated when word got back to him. Because what came first? The Physics or the Star Trek?

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One Of The Girls Dropped A Spoiler Of  'Avengers: Endgame’ 

At the time of filming The Bachelor Australia, Avengers: Endgame was currently airing at cinemas across the country, leaving movie buff Matt without an opportunity to find out what happened to his favourite Marvel heroes.

The Bachelorettes, however, were treated to a secret special screening. And after a few too many Aperol Spritzes at the cocktail party, let slip the devastating fate of a certain Avenger to an absolutely irate Matt.

Tables were flipped – understandably – and the guy walked out.

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Matt Wanted To Do A Walk-Off with Vakoo On The Red Carpet, But A Bachelorette Stole Him Away

Ever since Vakoo woo-ed him at arrivals, Matt has been YouTubing Tyra Banks for lessons on how to ‘smize’ with confidence and was finally ready to challenge Vakoo in yet another walk-off… that was, until his Australia's Next Top Model audition was interrupted by another Bachelorette.

Matt felt that all his practice was wasted, and he left the mansion in a huff.

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One Of The Girls Is A Flat Earther

Word reached Matt that one of the Bachelorettes is a member of the Flat Earth Society and had been insisting that photos of the globe are photoshopped, and posing questions like – “if the earth was round then WHY are walking surfaces flat?”

Matt then spent the next three hours delivering clear, educated facts about the Earth being round (he DOES have a PhD in Astrophysics) and when her mind could not be changed, he stormed off, outraged, declaring the discussion a complete ‘waste of time’.

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Mercury Retrograde 

Imagine trying to enjoy a chilled night at the mansion, but emotions are running high while the gravitational pull from the smallest planet in the solar system influences the water in our bodies the same way the moon controls the tides. He just couldn’t take it anymore. Dude went batsh*t crazy.

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