The Bachelor Australia Promos Are Flying In. Here's What We Know So Far

The Bachelor Australia’s newest heartthrob Matt Agnew is full of surprises. And from the promos we’ve seen so far, it looks like we’re in for a truly epic season. Even Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland agrees

First, we must answer the question on everyone’s lips: “What the hell is an astrophysicist?!”

The first to confuse the profession with astrology was Abbey, the 23-year-old property analyst who confidently declared herself a Gemini after Matt told her what he did for a living. AWKWARRRRRD.

But Abbey isn’t the only one in the dark about his fancy job, with a few of her fellow love hopefuls even admitting it sounded “like a fake job”. Let’s hope that one doesn’t get back to Matt. Ouch.

The next cab off the rank fighting to fill the supermassive blackhole in his heart was blonde bombshell Helena, the 25-year-old from WA who rendered Matt speechless when he heard her for the first time. He was “infatuated” by her accent and asked her if she spoke “any other languages”.

We weren’t surprised when he joined her in a French-themed flirt-fest. The guy is an ASTROPHYSICIST. Of COURSE he can also speak French.

Oh, and Chinese. Yeap. After Kristen, the 24-year-old from Queensland revealed she had been living in China for two years, the two had a short exchange of words in Chinese, with the humble beauty then proclaiming, “I can’t believe he can speak some Chinese!”

Us either. He’s now up to three languages and counting. What a dreamboat.

30-year-old Persian goddess Sogland, from New South Wales, decided to add to Matt’s language credentials when she taught him a Persian phrase. Unbeknownst to him, he had actually proposed to her on national telly. Whoops!

Then there was 28-year-old chemical engineer Chelsie, who made a lasting impression on Matt’s heart (literally) when she arrived with an interesting looking temporary tattoo, claiming he would have “no idea what this is”.

Yet to Chelsie’s shock, Matt rattled off some interesting facts about the chemical structure of oxytocin, which was pictured on the tattoo. He then got her to stick the tat right over his heart. Will her atoms fall for his? If she thinks like a Proton and stays Positive, she might just have a chance.

In what is possibly the most WTF teaser so far, the latest promo sees a BRIDE AND HER BRIDESMAID GETTING OUT OF A LIMO.  Oh My Gawd. It’s hands-down already the greatest entry we’ve ever seen in Bachie history, and we can’t wait to see their first proper encounter with Matt.

But imagine meeting someone as tall, dark and handsome as Matt Agnew who just makes us want to *swoon* like a damsel in distress. It would be VERY nerve-wrecking.

Especially for the newest girl on the ranks, Vakoo, who has to follow up behind a BRIDE, girls who are bilingual and a science genius. But Vakoo has her own flare as she sits in her stretch limousine surrounded by a sea of pink tulle, reciting sexy ways to say hello. I think we can all take notes from this #queen.

The Bachelor Australia Premiers Wednesday, 31st July at 7:30 on 10 and 10 play