The Bachelor Australia: Meet The Bachelorettes Vying For Jimmy’s Heart

Pop the champagne, The Bachelor will be landing on your screens 7.30 Wednesday, July 21. Here are some of the beautiful bachelorettes that are putting their hearts on the line for love.


An angel from above – literally! Blonde beauty Lily, with the very blue eyes, arrived fashionably late in style via a fully decked-out crane. Jimmy was mesmerised by her, admitting to the camera “There’s probably a big smile on my face. She’s beautiful!”


As the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and Brooke understood the assignment!

She stepped out of the limo holding a delicious Sri Lankan love cake, while dazzling in a stunning black sequined dress. She and Jimmy linked arms while digging into the dessert, and our Bachelor was so impressed by the dish he asked her if he could keep the rest.

Brooke certainly seemed to make a huge impression on Jimmy. He gushed over the brunette, saying, “Brooke’s breathtakingly beautiful, I’m doing backflips inside”.


There’s nothing better than getting to know someone over a nice bottle of red in a stunning outdoor setting.

Beautiful Holly arrived wearing a bright yellow floor length gown and whisked Jimmy away on a mini wine bar date. Sparks were flying, and according to Jimmy, the chemistry was “definitely there”. Will Holly be the one to win his heart in the end?


Chess player Jay arrived wearing a super fun, mini sequined number. She had set up a life-sized chess board to impress Jimmy, but the game didn’t go according to plan. Jimmy didn’t seem to mind all that much, saying the set up was “really cute, and like, it’s really authentic.”

Will Jay end up being Jimmy’s Queen?


We officially have a flight manager on board Bachelor Airways, flight 2021!

Chanel pulled out all the stops by setting up a trolley cart and two super comfy plane seats to impress our Bachelor. However, things got a little turbulent when she accidentally fell on Jimmy while trying to recline his chair.

Will sparks fly for these aviation cuties? You'll have to tune in and find out!

The Bachelor Premieres 7.30 Wednesday, July 21 on 10 and 10 play on demand