The Bachelor 2021: Jacinta Boys Reveals Why She Was Cast On The Wrong Season

“Like, far out… I would have died to have been on that.”

After her family urged her to apply, Jacinta signed up for The Bachelor looking for the one.

“Basically my sister was like, you need some help, you suck at picking people so go on the show,” Jacinta told 10 play.

After not receiving a rose on Thursday night, Jacinta said she wasn’t surprised she had been eliminated, but the salt in the wound came when she saw the recent casting announcement of The Bachelorette.

“I was pretty upset to hear that Brooke was put as the new Bachelorette. I was like, far out, I would have died to have been on that with her!

“I was actually so devastated. It would have been an amazing thing to be a part of the first queer Bachelorette. I was like… f**k, I f**ked up real bad,” she said, laughing.

An impulsive decision to put in an application in the first place, Jacinta said she had never really considered a dating show before. “The only other show I had thought about doing was Survivor,” she added.

On the surface, the two shows couldn’t be more different, right?

“I don’t know,” Jacinta said, “both are about surviving when you really think about it!”

Rather than digging around the cocktail party for an immunity idol, Jacinta said she was trying to find “sleep and food”.

Having settled into the mansion after the first night, Jacinta was one of the bachelorettes invited to the first group date of the season.

The traditional photo shoot was in full swing with romcom-themed set-ups including a wedding, a birthday and a library scene where Jacinta played… the janitor. Standing next to a bookshelf in a full boiler suit, Jacinta laughed at the idea that she had been stitched up by the costuming department.

“To be honest, I was with Laura and tech and they were both gunning for it. I was more focused on laughing at Laura because I’ve never met a funnier person,” Jacinta said. “She’s the funniest woman to walk the planet!”

Though her time in the mansion was short and sweet, Jacinta still managed to form some strong connections with the other bachelorettes.

“I loved getting to know all the girls and all their different walks of life, where they’ve come from, why they applied, and I think everyone has their story of how they got there. It was just really interesting to learn about it.”

Seeing the episodes go to air, Jacinta said it’s been interesting but not exactly surprising.

“I feel like the way people have been portrayed on the show is exactly who they are. Like, there’s a lot of talk about people who get bad ‘edits’ or something, but I actually think it’s pretty spot-on with the personalities in there.”

The other unsurprising moment came when Jacinta didn’t receive a rose on Thursday night.

“I knew I was going,” she laughed. “I gave the girls my phone number I was like, it’s me… I have seen the show enough times to know I’m going home.”

The Bachelor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play