‘That Backfired’: Hannah Norman’s Plan To Get More Time With Jimmy Didn’t Work Out

On Thursday night, Hannah Norman did not receive a rose, ending her time in the Bachelor mansion.

Speaking to 10 play after she left the mansion, Hannah admitted that heading into the cocktail party she had formulated a plan in the hopes of getting more time with Jimmy in the days to come.

“I was one of the last girls to go on any sort of date with him and I was feeling like I was on the back foot,” she said.

Speaking to one of the other bachelorettes she had become close with in the house, Lily, Hannah decided to open up to Jimmy and let him know how she was dealing with the pressures of needing to put herself before the other bachelorettes.

“I’m the kind of person who will always put others before myself, so she said, why don’t you just say that to him?”

With Jimmy approaching Hannah for one of the last chats of the evening, she explained her situation and the realisation that she can’t put herself last while competing for his attention.

“I said being a nurse, you always put other people’s feelings before yourself and I was realising you can’t really do that… and then 20 minutes later I was sent home. I was like oh, that backfired.”

Having felt like she and Jimmy were slowly forming a connection in the early cocktail parties, Hannah admitted that she was quite surprised not to receive a rose on Thursday.

“You know that gut feeling when you’re like okay, it’s my time and there’s nothing I can do to change it? I felt confident going in because I had laid all my cards on the table. I think it was down to the final five and I was just like, okay this is it. I’m going. I think I knew at that point.”

In the first two cocktail parties, Hannah said she was one of the few bachelorettes who Jimmy continued to chat to despite interruptions.

“I thought that was a good sign… I felt like I was making a real connection,” she said. “After the third [cocktail party] I just felt like he had started to develop better feelings for other people because I just felt like the chats started to dwindle a little bit and I was like ah, okay.

“As my mum watched it she said, ‘I think he may have just friend-zoned you’ and that’s totally fine. I’m happy to be everyone’s mate!”

Despite her time being cut short, Hannah said she’d definitely be keen for a second shot at love in the Bachelor universe.

“I think I would go into it with a different mindset and I’d know what to expect. I think I’d be a bit more me, the me that all my friends know, the ‘bit more out there’ one!”

The Bachelor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play