Tahnee Leeson Has No Regrets About How Her Time In The Bachelor Mansion Came To An End

After making a claim about another bachelorette to Jimmy Nicholson, Tahnee’s final days in the mansion were incredibly tense.

Telling Jimmy that she had overheard Jay claim that she hoped to be the show’s runner up “because they do better”, Tahnee found herself defending her own honour up until her final moments in the mansion.

While Jimmy was on a fact-finding mission about Stephanie Lynch, Tahnee threw a spanner in the works bringing up what she had heard Jay say earlier in the season.

Following Steph’s departure from the mansion, the remaining bachelorettes joined Jimmy on a camping trip which soon became a battleground between Jay and Tahnee.


Ultimately, it was Tahnee who didn’t receive a rose and was sent home. But despite how everything played out she admitted that she has “absolutely no regrets” about telling Jimmy what she had heard.

“I can’t lie, I’m a sh*tty liar to say the least, and I absolutely don’t regret being very upfront with him and very candid with what I did say,” she told 10 play.

“If I didn’t, and he never knew, I would regret that a lot more,” Tahnee continued. “I’ve got absolutely nothing but respect for him and he deserved to get a bit of an insight of what was really going on. Unfortunately, I was just the poor sucker who had to tell him.”

During the camping cocktail party, Jay made the decision to confront Tahnee about what had been said to Jimmy and, after Tahnee repeated what she had told the bachelor, Jay flatly denied having ever said she hoped to be the runner up in the race for Jimmy’s heart.

“I wasn’t surprised by the reaction, I was surprised by how far she took that,” Tahnee said.

“She was standing in front of me saying that I was a liar, when she was in fact lying… I was just completely bewildered. How can somebody lie so easily but tell me I’m lying?

“It was a very surreal feeling. Jay and I were never particularly close but we shared a room in the mansion. Like, I knew the girl, and I was like how are you staring me fun the eye telling me that you haven’t said these things when I heard it firsthand. It was an insane experience.”

After the tense confrontation, Tahnee revealed that she spoke to Jimmy and he gave her what she described as “a little bit of reassurance”.

At the time, Tahnee felt like he was reassuring her that she was going to be fine in the upcoming Rose Ceremony but, standing next to Jay as the final two bachelorettes with just one rose remaining, she was surprised to realise she would be going home.

“In retrospect, I think he gave me that reassurance and then walked away from the situation and was like ‘Tahnee isn’t my end girl, I can’t keep her in this environment, it’s not going to be good for her’. When I look back I can see his decision-making process, but in the moment it was really hard,” she admitted.

“Now that I’ve gone through the whole thing, and I look back on those moments, I can understand why I left. And I’m kind of glad that I did because I was developing very real feelings for him, and I left before they got bigger than what they probably should have,” Tahnee added.

“I’ve left and I can now be excited for whoever he does end up with,” Tahnee said, “he’s a really great guy. He deserves a lot of happiness.”

Despite the emotional way things ended for Tahnee, she counts herself as “one of the lucky ones”, leaving the mansion with a big circle of friends she made in the mansion.

“Going on a reality TV show in the hopes of finding love is definitely not something that I had ever considered doing but it has taught me a lot about myself, so I’m really grateful for the opportunity.”

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