‘Still Confused’: Steph Harper Says She Doesn’t Know Why Her Time Ended On The Bachelor

She immediately became a fan-favourite after her breakout photoshoot as the doting dad, but as time went on Steph said her connection with Locky felt like it was only getting stronger.

Speaking to 10 play, Steph said even now she is still confused as to what went down in her last weeks in the Bachelor Mansion.

“I don’t really have any closure to what really happened,” she said, adding, “I got a lot of positive reassurance from him so I’m still confused.”

During lockdown, Steph said she and Locky were in constant communication, strengthening the connection they both admitted they felt on the red carpet when they first met.

“I thought that I was going to be getting the first date back in the Mansion,” Steph admitted. During the Love in Lockdown group date when Locky met family members, Steph said the Bachelor indicated to her dad that he would be spending more time with her very soon.

When Locky pulled up at the Mansion in a van, she thought her time had come.

“We had talked about what we called ‘van life’ a lot, so I thought when he rocked up in the van that was for me,” Steph said. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be, with Locky taking Irena Srbinovska on her second single date.

“I think when I didn’t get that date I was kind of like, if he’s taking people on second single dates now this is not good.”

Despite not snagging the single date, Steph did win herself some one-on-one time with Locky following an intimate group date.

“We had a lot of good chats, we spoke about family, what we saw in our futures, our goals, where we wanted to go with things,” she said. “The only indicator to me that something had maybe went wrong was that I didn’t receive a rose. Other than that, everything was good.”

One of the few times a Bachelorette returned from a single date or date extension without a rose, Steph began to worry that her time in the Mansion was coming to an end.

“As it got closer and closer to the Rose Ceremony I started to have a really bad feeling… Up until that point I had been really positive at Rose Ceremonies and I think at that one I just knew.

“I’ve come out of it with the most amazing friends, so there’s been a lot of positives and I’d never take it back, it has been one of the best experiences. It just so happens that me and Locky didn’t work out, and that’s okay.

“I’m a no regrets kind of person so I definitely wouldn’t do anything differently. I was myself and I think I can hold my head high and say I’m proud of everything I did. I put myself out there. No regrets.”

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