Meet The Season 3 Bachelorettes

Meet the Bachelorettes looking for love in season 3 of The Bachelor Australia

The leading ladies who will start a romantic journey with Bachelor Sam Wood have been revealed.

A nationwide search involving thousands of women resulted in 19 intelligent, beautiful and hilarious contestants being chosen.

Ranging in age from 24 to 34, they come from all walks of life. A vet, a teacher, a dietitian, a publishing account manager and many more will enter the Bachelor mansion. You can imagine the dinner conversations.

Rachel, 28, a charity worker from Adelaide, said she was excited for a new experience.

“It looks like an incredible adventure and from watching previous seasons of the show, I have seen how it opens girls up to love,” she says.

Ebru, 31, a financial portfolio manager from Melbourne, says “I don’t see putting yourself out there as a bad thing. I always search for love and I am sure it will come knocking soon.”

Hopefully the attention of such an amazing group of women won’t overwhelm our dashing Bachelor (knock on Wood) as they share romantic dates and cocktail parties.

Sam says he’s optimistic in his search for love.

“Meeting all the girls for the first time is without doubt going to be a bit daunting,” he says. “But I’m so curious to get to know them and hopefully there’s one I can fall in love with.”

The names of the Bachelorettes in the picture above, from left to right, are: Bec, Sandra, Heather, Laura, Rachel, Reshael, Snezana, Ebru, Madeleine, Bachelor Sam Wood, Tessa, Sarah, Jacinda, Krystal, Jasmin, Emily, Nina, Jess, Joni, Zilda.