‘Nobody Wants To Be The First To Go’: Annabelle And Lauren Dish On Their Time In The Bachelor Mansion

In the very first rose ceremony of 2021, Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson had to send two bachelorettes home.

Unfortunately for Annabelle and Lauren, their time in the Mansion was cut short as they were the first bachelorettes not to receive roses.

Annabelle and Lauren spoke to 10 play following their elimination and about their short but sweet time with Jimmy.

Why did you apply for The Bachelor Australia?

Annabelle: I really wanted to find a genuine connection and, with my work I do so much travel, a lot of the time I come back and I’m always hanging out with my friends and family. I wasn’t really finding someone in that social circle. With COVID and lockdown. I thought this would be the perfect time to mix it up and do something fun.

Lauren: I applied as a bit of a joke, which I think a lot of people tend to do. You apply and you think you’ll never hear back and then I did and… next thing I knew I was in the Mansion!

What did you bring on the red carpet to make a first impression?

Annabelle: I had a reveal. I pulled up my dress and I had my steel-capped workwear boots underneath. I just thought it would be a bit of a fun thing because getting all glitz and glam and wearing heels and makeup isn’t 100 percent me.

I thought it would be fun to lift up the glamorous dress to be like, underneath I’m just an easygoing, chill, hardworking gal.

Lauren: I went in with a bullet journal which I did up myself. I pre-filled a lot of pages for him and then went through that with him and there was a little letter at the start as well that we read together.

Did you get extra time with Jimmy we didn’t see?

Annabelle: I didn’t get much time with Jimmy at all actually. It was crazy because it felt like a long experience and I had all my amazing chats and connections I made with all the girls, but I didn’t have that much time with Jimmy.

Lauren: It’s funny, I actually got the longest amount of time during the cocktail party to speak to Jimmy out of everyone which was ironic that, after all that, I did get sent home. But it’s okay, it is what it is.

Were you surprised that you didn’t receive a rose?

Annabelle: I wasn’t overly surprised because I didn’t click with him. It was quite evident… I was sad to leave the girls I built a connection with.

Lauren: I was very shocked! I mean, nobody expects to be the first to go or wants to be the first to go. A little bit surprising that I didn’t get a rose!

What was your favourite moment in The Bachelor experience?

Annabelle: Having some of the girls cry when I was leaving, It was so heart-warming to know you had made an impact on the girls so quickly, it was bittersweet. Favourite and worst moment.

Lauren: Meeting all the wonderful girls, I am such a believer in girl power and the female community. Meeting such a group of strong independent like-minded women was incredibly empowering.

The Bachelor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play