‘My Jaw Hit The Floor’: Laura Calleri Reunited With Her Louis Vuitton Bags As She Leaves The Bachelor Mansion

It’s been a real journey for Laura, who has continued to win over fans with her hilariously dry sense of humour.

Chatting to 10 play, Laura admitted she was shocked to see how much airtime she got in the first episode. Her demands of luxury bags and materialistic ways didn’t immediately win Locky over, but as we got to know her, the 24-year-old continued to crack audiences up with her observations.

“All the middle-aged mums now realise that I’m joking and I’m dry and sarcastic,” Laura said. “I suppose people were quite shocked at my red carpet and now they kind of love me and think I’m hilarious.

“Episode one I didn’t think I’d be so heavily featured… the difficulty is the online backlash. People are catching up on the series or stuck on episode one and won’t like me, but it’s interesting to see people’s responses change from then until now. I’m just dry!”

Admitting that she was a little devastated her time on The Bachelor had come to an end, Laura said she loved her time on the show.

On Wednesday night, Laura was one of five Bachelorettes who didn’t receive a rose. As Osher arrived at the cocktail party to let them know that a third of the Bachelorettes would be leaving in one night, Laura had a sinking feeling that she’d be one of them.

“I had barely spoken to the guy,” she said, describing her connection with Locky as “pretty surface level”.

“It’s so hard unless you have a single date to get to know him, that’s like a full day together,” she said. “I had only been on group dates and I didn’t get extra time on either of those. Cocktail parties you’re always competing for his attention… but this is the nature of what we were getting into.”

Despite having an inkling that she may not be receiving a rose that night, Laura was still shocked when her name wasn’t the last one called in the ceremony.

“I feel like my jaw quite literally hit the floor. I was certain that it was going to be me. All the other girls had gotten their roses and I was like oh, it’s going to be me.

“I didn’t hear my name called out and I was shocked. Then I realised I was there with four other girls so I feel like that softened the blow.”

Having made strong friendships with the other Bachelorettes, though she didn’t win Locky’s heart, Laura came out of the Mansion a winner regardless.

“I think I carried myself really well. I was 100 percent myself the whole time and I’m super proud of that. I’d do the same thing over again, I don’t think I’d change any of it.”

While thinking about if she’d do something like this again Laura mentions the obvious — Bachelor in Paradise — before musing, “Can you imagine me being The Bachelorette?”

“It would be the most sarcastic season… maybe I should put that on my vision board. It’s not on there at the moment, I’ve only got my Porsche Cayenne on there and a couple of LVs to add to my collection.”

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