‘My Heart Sank’: Laura O’Loughlin Reveals The Most Difficult Moment Of Her Bachelor Experience

On Thursday night, Laura’s time in the Bachelor Mansion came to a close, a moment she said was difficult for a particularly surprising reason.

After a week of intense Cocktail Parties that saw one of Laura’s closest friends sent home and a clash while camping, the last thing the Bachelorettes wanted to hear from Osher was that a surprise was waiting for them.

“I was like, maybe Jimmy has a twin called Timmy and we don’t know which one we’ve been dating,” Laura told 10 play.

“Nek minnit, nope. Brooke’s just back. I was really hoping it was a secret twin situation because double the chances! But unfortunately we just had more competition walk back in.”

Twin jokes aside, Laura explained that seeing Brooke walk back into the Cocktail Party was a bittersweet moment.

“My heart sank a little bit. I was so happy for her… because I knew she was forming quite a strong connection with Jimmy before she left, so I was more than happy for her and, I guess to some extent, not surprised,” Laura added.

“But obviously it was a bit of a shock because I was like oh, I think I might be going home. I’m looking around and he’s passed everybody but not me. So, yeah, the cogs were starting to turn in my head at that point.

“I was like oh, I don’t know if our connection is as strong as some of the other girls here because we haven’t played tongue hockey or whatever it’s called. I’m just thinking, well this might be my time.”

But it was when Osher walked back into the Rose Ceremony to whisper the magic words, “Laura you did not receive a rose” that she said she encountered “the hardest thing of the entire experience”.

“It took all my restraint not to be like, ‘OH REALLY? YOU DON’T SAY’ and look at my empty hands like that SpongeBob meme, like ‘oH rEalLy?’ It took all my strength not to say that in that moment. I had to be serious.

“It was a Rose Ceremony and I had just been sent home, I had to keep a straight face and not do what everyone was expecting me to do.”

Though she joked about being the last woman standing who had yet to pash the Bachelor, during her single date earlier in the season, after receiving a rose Laura went in for a kiss but Jimmy stopped it.

“It was definitely hard to watch back,” Laura told 10 play. “It was like a terrible car accident. I don’t remember it being as awkward as it looked so, it was definitely hard to watch.

“I think Jimmy was pretty spot-on when he said, ‘I could tell Laura felt a lot of pressure’ which is true, I did.”

Making it so far in the show, receiving a rose at the formal group date and sitting next to Jimmy after their date together, Laura explained that she felt like a kiss was just expected.

“Especially when he offered me the rose, I kind of felt like this is what’s done… I kind of thought, isn’t this what’s supposed to happen? And I think he could definitely sense that in me and I do respect that he explained himself.

“I think going into the date I was quite nervous and felt a lot of pressure for it to go well,” Laura continued. “I was nervous to go back and tell the girls who it went, that was actually what I was really nervous about, which is a bit sad.”

Within the house, Laura said she felt like some of her fellow Bachelorettes had thought Jimmy wasn’t interested in her, “and I was just kind of there”.

“I didn’t want to have to prove them right and say, ‘Yeah no, we didn’t kiss! Whoops!’ But at the end of the day I had my rose and I thought well, I’d rather have a rose without a kiss than a kiss without a rose. That was my mentality going back to the mansion.”

Looking back on her time in the mansion Laura said she didn’t have many regrets.

“I mean, maybe I wouldn’t go for that kiss,” she added, laughing. “Other than that, there’s really nothing that I would change. I think everything else… I made a lot of comments that were a bit full-on, a bit silly, but it was all very much me.”

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