‘My Eyebrows Were Telling Me Girl, It’s Your Time’: Charley Bond Leaves The Bachelor Mansion

After bringing a mud bath to a cocktail party, Charley thought she was onto a good thing with Locky.

The 25-year-old HPE teacher took a gamble last week when she grabbed Locky to get down and dirty, but unfortunately it didn’t save her from a brutal Rose Ceremony that saw a third of the Bachelorettes sent home.

“When I found out five of us were going home I remember looking around like, how do I compete with these stunning girls?” Charley told 10 play over the phone.

“After the mud bath, the fact that I wasn’t on the next group date and didn’t get a single date either,” Charley said. “Also the fact that I received the third-last rose [the week before], I kind of thought, I don’t know if he really enjoyed it as much as I thought he might have.”

Looking around the cocktail party, Charley said she could see who Locky did have some strong connections with.

“And I thought that I was one of them, but at the same time there were 14 other girls in the house as well who also had amazing and strong connections with him so it is what it is, I suppose,” she said.

Expecting to not receive a rose, Charley said she also had a sixth sense telling her that her time in the mansion was coming to an end.

“I felt it in my waters. My eyebrows were telling me, girl it’s your time.”

Despite not receiving a rose, Charley gushed about her Bachelor experience, staying as far from the drama of the house as possible.

“Being a teacher I need to show myself as a positive role model to young people out there who are watching,” she said, “so I made sure that I stayed well away from the drama. It’s not really my sort of vibe.”

Since the show has been airing, Charley said many of her students have been tuning in.

“I love that they talk about it at school, it’s the best thing ever,” she said, laughing. “I’m like a little celebrity which is exciting. They’re loving it!”

Though her connection with Locky didn’t work out, Charley said she would jump back into the Bachelor Mansion for another shot at love “1100 percent”.

“I had the best time, I met so many amazing people,” she said, adding, “the only thing I’d do differently is to not be so worried about what I say”.

“I was so worried about what would be shown that I held back a fair bit. I know that sounds ridiculous because I’m so extroverted and crazy on the show,” she continued, “but that’s only a small part of me. I would be less cautious, I suppose. I would just have a go at everything.”

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