Marg Zogoulas’ Heartaches Didn’t Stop After She Left The Bachelor Mansion

After her time in the Bachelor Mansion came to an end, the bad news didn’t stop for Marg.

Speaking to 10 play over the phone, Marg explained that leaving the show she had no idea what to expect with the coronavirus pandemic becoming more severe.

“I had been told that both my brothers had contracted the virus,” she said, adding, “it was very surreal and overwhelming because I didn’t really know much about the virus coming into the Mansion, and coming out with that news and going home to that was very scary.”

Thankfully, both her brothers had recovered a few days after she returned to her home in Melbourne.

“They’re doing great now, but it was super overwhelming. I couldn’t even comprehend it. It felt like it was all a massive dream. I had no idea what to expect really.”

One of five Bachelorettes sent home on Wednesday night, along with Areeba, Gemma, Laura and Charley, Marg said she never expected to be sent home.

“Locky and I got a few chances to talk and, from my understanding, I felt like there was a bit of attraction there. Our conversation flowed nicely, I felt really positive about where we were heading,” she said. “But I needed a little more time to see and evolve that relationship a bit more.”

Unfortunately, the powers that be had other plans, with Osher announcing at the cocktail party that a third of the Bachelorettes would be sent home.

“It almost didn’t sink in,” Marg said. “I was sitting there and I had an out-of-body experience… It didn’t set in until later on when everyone was panicking. In that moment I was thinking to myself I’d be okay because of the chats I had with Locky so far.”

When she didn’t receive a rose later that night, Marg said she was shocked.

“I was very disappointed as well because in my mind there was a vibe there, she said. “But I understood where he was coming from, he had a lot of connections and at the time our one wasn’t the strongest. So he had to do what he had to do.”

Admitting that the reason she signed up for The Bachelor was that she has had “really bad luck with dating”, Marg wanted to push herself out of her comfort zone, and by chance saw an ad to apply for the show.

“I was like Marg, this is your shot to really, really put yourself out there and you can attract love,” she explained.

“I was blocking myself off from any guy trying to interact with me, so I was like what is the craziest position you can put yourself in where you can’t run, you have to face it head-on.”

Though she wasn’t the one to walk away with Locky at the end, Marg was thrilled with her experience and said she left with more courage to go out and get what she wants.

“Being in the house, you realise how competitive it is to date out there! So it definitely is giving me a lot more confidence to approach men and not wait for men to approach me.

“I’m just so thankful that I got to spend time with such amazing people, just to meet Locky and go through that whole experience was just so cool.”

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