Love In Locky-down Has Come To An End, And Here’s What We Loved About It

For the first time in The Bachelor franchise history, production shut up shop and went into lockdown due to COVID-19.

With the remaining girls and Locky at home, they had to try and build deeper connections online and over the phone (so, like, the way most modern folk are dating these days). Here’s what we loved about lockdown this year.

It Sparked Fun Dating Ideas

What Locky and the girls experienced during lockdown is what many couples are currently facing during these unprecedented times. It’s incredibly difficult to not spend physical time with your lover, and the show provided some cute and innovative date night ideas for the long distance/iso couple.

Take Izzy and Locky. They proved that you don’t even have to be in the same state as your significant other to share a delicious meal together. They both had the same ingredients for Mexican tacos and cooked ‘together’ via Zoom. The best part is that they didn’t have to share any of the leftovers, so that’s a win in our books!

They spiced up the night further by moving their date into the bathroom for some bubbles of the alcoholic and soapy kind. The overall experience was a total success; they got to know each other on a much deeper level, talk about the future and just enjoy each other’s company.

Nothing Fancy, But Still Special

On the back of our last point, we enjoyed how relaxed and chilled every encounter was. There was no crazy date day involving jumping out of planes or climbing up ridiculously high mountains to distract them from what is truly important, and that is building deep connections. The dates proved that you don’t have to spend a lot or be doing anything grandiose to have an amazing time.

Virtual Cocktail Parties

We weren’t sure how the Cocktail parties would work virtually but boy, they were just as intense as the real thing! When Roxi and Juliette were at it (again) the other girls simply ‘walked away’ by closing their laptops. WE LOVED IT! There was no awkwardness, and they didn’t have to come up with an excuse to leave.

The Girls Had Access To Locky 24/7

Being in the Mansion means that the girls don’t get to see much of Locky unless they are chosen for a group date, or lucky enough to snag a single date. The rest of the time is spent sitting around the house, with no phone or connection to the outside world.

The silver lining with lockdown was that for the first time ever, the girls had access to Locky 24/7 via their phones and computers. They had a rare opportunity to show how serious they are about building a connection with him, and vice versa.

Proof You Can Build Connections Without Physically Meeting First

Being an intruder on The Bachelor is hard enough. Being an intruder so late in the game AND having to meet a potential suitor online for the first time seemed like a recipe for failure! Luckily for Bec, her first virtual encounter with Locky went swimmingly; the two hit it off immediately, and they proved that an internet connection and a screen doesn’t need to get in the way of a possible love story.

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