‘Just Get Rid Of Me’: Juliette Herrera Unceremoniously Dumped Before Rose Ceremony

A controversial figure in the Mansion this season, Juliette Herrera says her time on The Bachelor allowed her to find her voice.

On Wednesday night Juliette made the bold decision to confront Locky regarding her lack of one-on-one time with the Bachelor, which sadly resulted in her being booted from the competition before that night’s Rose Ceremony.

“I thought Locky and I had spoken a lot during lockdown and I thought we had a good connection and good conversation,” Juliette told 10 play.

“I thought, it’s okay I’ll keep holding on for my single date. It’ll come. It’s a game of patience,” she said, “so I was waiting my turn. That was my philosophy.”

But as time went on, and after the Bachelorettes returned to the Mansion following lockdown, it seemed like Juliette’s turn would never come.

“It got to the point where I was wondering why am I here? Do I have a connection? I didn’t want to waste my time and I didn’t want to waste his,” Juliette continued, “so I needed to approach him and finally get to the bottom of it, regardless of staying in the competition or not.

“I was like, this is my heart and emotions and my future and I need to know what’s going on.”

During the chat it seemed apparent the two weren’t a perfect match, with Juliette admitting she had put her life — and DMs — on hold for Locky, and was getting tired of waiting.

“Like Yung Thug’s producer or The Chainsmokers,” Juliette told Locky during Wednesday night’s episode, “Javi Luna with 4 million Tik Tok followers follows me and talks to me and I’m waiting for little old Locky,” she added.

After the confrontation it became clear to Locky that the pair were not a match and Juliette was sent home.

“Of course I was surprised,” she told 10 play, “I was expecting him to turn around and be like, ‘Sorry Juliette, I realise that you are wonderful and I need to be with you!’” She said, laughing.

“I thought he’d wake up! Do you know how fabulous I am? Do you know how much fun we can have?”

Though things with Locky didn’t quite work out, Juliette was thankful for her experiences in the Mansion for allowing her to go through a transformation, going so far as to say she was grateful for her clashes with some of the other Bachelorettes.

“The tension in the show and the tension between Roxi actually forced me to be like, am I going to stand up and speak my truth or am I just going to continue to be silent?

“I had time to reflect and was like am I not of value? Am I not of worth? Why are my feelings not valid? Why are my emotions less valuable than other women’s experiences in the Mansion?

“Constantly having aggressive attitudes towards me made me stand up for myself… I had to learn to have a voice, and this show let me have a voice for the first time so I’ll forever be grateful for The Bachelor.”

Since leaving the Mansion the big question surrounding Juliette is if she was able to catch up with her rappers and Tik Tok stars that were blowing up her DMs.

“I wish! But the borders are closed and they’re all in America,” she said with a laugh. “I enjoy video calls and photos… I have been living my best life online.”

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