Izzy Sharman-Firth Bounces Back With Post-Bachie Boyfriend News

Despite an emotional exit from The Bachelor, Izzy revealed life after the Mansion has been quite sweet.

Speaking to 10 play Izzy revealed that, following her time on the show, she met someone soon after her final Rose Ceremony and has been in a really good place since.

“It has been weird to watch with him,” Izzy admitted, adding, “he’s been so understanding”.

“We weren’t together at the time so he can’t be upset about it but you also don’t normally watch your current partner with someone else they’ve been with, so there have been times where it has been a bit confronting,” she said.

Describing watching her recent single date with Locky like watching a sex scene in a movie with your parents, Izzy laughed and added that her new relationship has meant she was able to move on from Locky, making watching the show back a lot easier.

“It’s like you’re watching someone else on TV almost,” she said. “I’m in a good place now… it does feel like you’re just watching it in your lounge room and forget that the rest of Australia can see it.”

Izzy and her new man met through a friend of a friend, and had previously met a year or so ago.

“He had a girlfriend at the time so nothing happened… recently he came over for dinner because my housemate used to be his housemate, and that’s kind of how it all started,” she said.

Though there have been awkward moments watching the series back, Izzy said it’s been a unique but somewhat rewarding experience.

“He’s been so good! He hasn’t wanted to say too much because he doesn’t want to take away from the experience that I had… I feel like you can get through watching someone with someone else on TV it’s probably a pretty good test of a relationship,” she said, laughing.

Though she’s happily loved up now, Wednesday night’s Rose Ceremony was a different story, with Locky picking Bella Varelis and Irena Srbinovska as his final two.

“I was definitely sad to leave,” Izzy said, “I think particularly after some of the things that Locky had said to me at hometowns and what we had shared. I didn’t think that I wasn’t going to get a rose.”

Locky and Izzy’s connection really began during lockdown, ironically getting closer when they were forced apart. In the beginning, Izzy said she didn’t feel comfortable around the cameras and the limited time she got with Locky meant he wasn’t getting to see much of her true personality.

“Lockdown was interesting because… I think that was the start of our relationship where he started to realise maybe there was something there,” she said.

And while the pair were able to form a connection that continued when they eventually returned to the mansion, the 29-year-old admitted she thought it may have been “too little too late”.

“We just weren’t on the same level that some of the other girls had gotten to because they had time before lockdown,” she said, specifically referring to Irena and Bella.

“[Lockdown] was really spent cementing their relationship, they already had a start so it was different. With people who had already had that time and the single dates, they talked about much more serious things.

“Locky and I kept things really playful and fun — which is probably 90 percent of my personality anyway — but even when we went to hometowns, Locky was still asking me questions about my family. With some of the other girls he was just so far ahead of where we were at, at that point.”

Because of this, Izzy admitted that she wasn’t too surprised with the final two, having seen Locky’s connections with both Bella and Irena from the beginning.

“I was able to separate myself, who he had with someone else shouldn’t impact what we had,” she said, “I think I was just genuinely happy for whatever the outcome was going to be, if it was the right thing for those people.”

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