Australia, It's Time To Fall In Love...

The wait is almost over. Richie is ready to commence his quest for true love, and you’re invited on the rose-laden journey. Who will win the heart of Australia’s new Bachelor?

The nation took Richie Strahan to its collective heart when The Bachelorette, Sam Frost, achingly bid him farewell. That same heart leapt when the rope access technician from Perth with a penchant for fruity catchphrases was announced as Australia’s next Bachelor, and on Wednesday night his epic romantic adventure begins.

Standing before him, 22 of Australia’s most eligible Bachelorettes, each hoping that they’ll be the one to sweep Richie off his feet. Expect laughter, tears, drama, fireworks, eye attacks, lost footwear, and questionable musical compositions, as the competition for The Bachelor’s affections intensifies.

Wednesday promises a premiere to remember, and we’re giving you everything you’ll need to help celebrate one of the most romantic nights of the year. So download your Bachelor Premiere Party Pack now, and deck your halls with bunting, dress your cupcakes with toppers and get those cut out roses ready.

If you’ve already picked Richie’s perfect match, vote your support on the Love Leaderboard, and see whose team fellow viewers are on as The Bachelor progresses. And if you’ve yet to meet the Bachelorettes, it’s high time you got acquainted.

Love is in the air, Australia – are you ready to catch an incurable case of Bachelor fever?