‘It Was Out Of My Control’: Ash Lawson Reveals Why She Didn’t Make It To Hometowns

Their chemistry was undeniable, so why did Ash not make it to the end of the journey with Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson?

On Wednesday night, Ash was one of two Bachelorettes who did not receive a rose ahead of hometown visits. Standing in the bottom three alongside Lily and Brooke, Ash admitted she was surprised to not receive a rose.

Scoring one of the earlier single dates of the season, Ash fell victim to one of the toughest aspects of the Bachelor ‘journey’.

“Because I was so early having a date I probably had only spoken to him for like 20 minutes max,” she said. “He was very new to me and, as it went on, obviously the more chats I had the more comfortable I got so the connection was definitely growing each time I saw him.

“I was kind of frustrated because it was out of my control when I would be able to have that one-on-one time with Jimmy again and I really wanted to keep our connection strong after the single date,” Ash continued.

As Jimmy made strong connections with several of the other women in the house through their single dates and extra one-on-one time, Ash finally managed to win some time with Jimmy following the love triathlon group date.

Once again the pair picked up where they had left off, but at that point, it felt like perhaps Jimmy’s connections with others had advanced a little more.

“It did feel like maybe the connection was growing too late, if we had that time earlier it definitely would have helped,” Ash said.

But the time they did spend together uninterrupted made Ash feel like the pair were on the right track. Slow and steady, their connection continued to bubble away.

While the drama in the house raged on throughout the season, Ash said she spent her time focused on getting to know Jimmy instead.

“People call me the silent assassin because I just kept going in each week and — I got two first roses but you didn’t see me talk to him,” Ash said, laughing. “I spoke to him all the time, I had uninterrupted time at that camping [Cocktail Party].

“While they were doing the drama I was like, this is great for me. You girls keep going, I’m just going to keep talking to Jimmy!”

Hoping that she would be one of the four Bachelorettes chosen to go forward to Hometowns, the idea of showing Jimmy a slice of her life outside of the Mansion appealed to Ash since she believed the pair were so compatible in and out of the Bachie bubble.

“I would have loved for Jimmy to see me in my home environment,” Ash explained. “I wanted him to see just how compatible we were outside, in the real world, because I honestly do think if we were to meet in different circumstances we definitely could work.”

Knowing that the pair had compatible lifestyles and goals, Ash believed she was on the right track to be able to show Jimmy more of her life outside the mansion.

“I got all of that out on the first date because I was like I need to know that we’re compatible otherwise there’s no point in me being here and wasting your time,” she said.

“I was like look, I’m so independent, I don’t need someone I want someone. I’ve done long-distance relationships I would have moved to Sydney. I was happy to move. My business is online, I can teach anywhere around the world… it was not an issue of our lifestyle, that wasn’t going to be an issue at all.”

Heading into what would be her final Rose Ceremony Ash felt hopeful she would continue to move on in the journey and was ultimately shocked when she didn’t receive a rose.

“I was really disappointed because I knew how much I bring to the table and how compatible we were… but, at the end of the day, I think that whatever’s meant for you won’t pass you. So, it just wasn’t meant to be.”

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