‘I Was Being Left Behind’: Rebekah Modernel Explains Her Decision To Leave The Bachelor

During Thursday night’s rose ceremony, Rebekah stopped the proceedings and pulled Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson aside for a chat.

Explaining to him that she had made the decision to leave the show, Bek left the mansion and ended her Bachelor journey.

Speaking to 10 play after she had left the mansion, Bek explained that she had been considering leaving the show, but had no idea she was going to do so during the rose ceremony.

“The longer I stayed in, the more it felt like it was reflecting my experiences in the outside world and it just became very overwhelming,” she said.

“I noticed that [Jimmy] was forming these really strong connections with other women and I was falling behind. That really hurt because it was kind of reflecting my dating experience in the real world, where all of my friends were storming ahead in their relationships and I was getting left behind. It was hard.”

In the lead-up to what would be her final rose ceremony, Bek watched bachelorettes like Jay receive opportunities to spend more one-on-one time with Jimmy while she was still fighting for the chance to test her connection with the bachelor.

“It was starting to reiterate that he wasn’t necessarily interested in me and so, for me, there was no point staying when he was at this crucial point, deepening connections with women and I was being left behind.”

Remembering the quote ‘love when you are ready, not when you are lonely’, Bek said she went on the show hoping that the bachelor would be someone she could settle down with, but watching Jimmy continue to make stronger connections with the other remaining bachelorettes became difficult.

“I don’t want to waste his time, and I don’t want to waste my time so — it wasn’t planned but it felt like it was time to leave.”

Deciding to have one last chat with Jimmy at the cocktail party, Bek said the pair spoke about gratitude, each listing three things they were grateful for.

“I wanted to see if I was going to make the right decision, was I cutting something short? Is there something that’s there potentially? And after that conversation, I felt like [it] definitely solidified how I was feeling.

“I could sense his energy and I was like, no I think it’s time… that conversation felt like a friends conversation.”

Stopping the rose ceremony midway and pulling Jimmy aside for a chat, Bek said he was “super lovely” the entire time, listening to her reasons for wanting to leave the mansion.

“Me and Jimmy had a really good friendship and he really respected me and I really respected him.

“I could feel that he wasn’t ‘my person’ and I wasn’t meant to be in a relationship with him. It definitely felt like the right decision, letting him continue on his journey and letting me continue on mine. Allowing me to move on. It was the right decision.”

The Bachelor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play