‘I Get To Go To Work Every Day And Help People Fall In Love’: Osher Günsberg Is Back To Host Season 9 Of The Bachelor

Australia’s favourite host, Osher Günsberg, is returning for the 9th season of The Bachelor, which kicks off 7.30 Wednesday, July 21 on 10 and 10 play on demand.

With only one day to go before The Bachelor Season 9 premiere, Osher has revealed what he loves most about being a part of one of Australia’s much-loved dating shows. 

“I get to go to work every day and help people fall in love,” Osher told 10 play. “It’s a really great job, I’m very grateful to do it. I work with great people.  

“It’s very hard to fall in love when there are people around you who are all tense or nervous or holding any kind of negative energy. What’s wonderful is that every person on the crew, every person on set is so chill, and are so into helping the people that have come to our show get what they came for. It’s a really nice workplace too, everyone’s loved up watching people do really romantic things,” he added. 

And of course, he had nothing but positive things to say about our newest Bachelor, Jimmy. 

“He’s a commercial airline pilot, he restores vintage motorcycles and runs triathlons with his mum! He’s an amazing family guy and he’s given the most confident, emotional vulnerability I have ever seen. It just makes you go ‘whaaat!,” Osher said. 

“There are many people out there like him, and we just haven’t gotten to showcase it much. I’m really grateful that now we are able to go ‘nope, this is the standard that we are hoping to find – and that’s where it is.” 

And for all the podcast lovers out there, Cocktails and Roses, which Osher hosts with former Bachelor contender Alisha Aitken-Radburn, will be returning for another year. 

“There’s a lot of podcasts out there that have their take on what’s going on on television, and I’m hoping that we are able to bring a perspective that is probably the most authentic perspective that you’re gonna get on what’s actually going on, and how things actually work, and one that’s the closest to the actual truth of the matter. Because there’s no other podcast going on that actually has an eyewitness! And someone testifying about the goings and comings of the Mansion.” Osher explained. 

“Plus, Alisha is great and I’m grateful because I don’t really get a chance to speak about the show with anybody. I’m just really lucky that I get to do a podcast with someone that I’ve worked with before and I know quite well.” 

And, while the host can’t give too much away, he did hint at a few “fresh” things that audiences will get to see this year that hasn’t been seen on previous seasons. 

“The secret with any relationship is you’ve always gotta keep things fresh, and our relationship with the people that love our show is a very important one. In fact, it’s probably our most important one. So yeah, we’ve got a few fresh things in there, don’t worry! There’s a bit more going on.” 

As for how he unwinds after a busy day of hosting, podcasting, and parenting, Osher explains that he tries as much as he can to connect with his wife at the end of the day, and not his phone.  

“You’d be surprised how much time you get in your day when you take Instagram and Twitter and Facebook off your phone - you’d literally be amazed by how many extra hours there are to do stuff. 

“Turn all your notifications off your phone, turn your ringtone off and you only get your phone when you wanna get it. Your mind will be blown like ‘wow, I’ve got hours to do stuff.” 

The Bachelor Premieres 7.30 Wednesday on 10 and 10 play on demand