‘I Don’t Have Any Regrets’: Tamlyn Hoskins Reveals What She Said To Jimmy May Have Ended Her Time In The Mansion

After a tense cocktail party that divided the house, Tamlyn Hoskins was surprised to see she was one of the bachelorettes to not receive a rose.

Speaking to 10 play after her final Rose Ceremony, Tamlyn said she was “nervous as sh**” for every Rose Ceremony, but didn’t think she would be ending her time in the mansion.

“I was actually quite surprised because, at that cocktail party, I did have quite a good chat with Jimmy,” Tamlyn said.

“Looking back at it now, the only thing that I did wrong was that I was having some trouble stepping on the other girls’ toes,” she continued. “I didn’t like interrupting and I didn’t like the fact that you had to fight for his attention… I kind of wanted it to be natural and I was also quite happy to let girls who wanted more time with Jimmy go first.

“When I did eventually get time with him I kind of made it clear to him that I was struggling with that aspect. That my whole life my friends have been such an important part of my life and I’m all about the girls. So, I think maybe he would have seen that as ‘I’m here for the girls and not really ready for a relationship’. Maybe that was to my detriment.”

While a handful of the bachelorettes were watching a confrontation between Steph and Holly, Tamlyn said she was off having a one-on-one chat with Jimmy, missing the big drama of the evening which she didn’t necessarily mind.

“I do love a bit of drama, [but] I enjoy watching it and not being a part of it. I love getting my popcorn and watching it happen.

“It’s just a bit unfortunate that Steph is getting only the bad parts of what she said when she’s actually such a lovely girl and so funny,” Tamlyn said, adding that Steph’s dry humour sometimes comes across a lot more serious than intended.

“I think a lot of people watching won’t necessarily relate to that humour so they’ll think it’s mean when really she’s just being funny.”

Despite applying for the series, Tamlyn admitted that she had never actually seen the show in-full and had only really watched via recaps. Heading into the mansion blind, she was unaware of some of the lengths others would go to get one-on-one time with Jimmy.

But having several conversations with him across the handful of cocktail parties, Tamlyn admitted that the spark may not have been there for the pair of them.

“I don’t think there was that chemistry that he keeps talking about between us. I think it was more platonic,” she said. “I genuinely was attracted to Jimmy when I saw him, during my red carpet I got his shirt off which… was a great starting point for me,” she laughed.

“The more I talked to him, he just made you feel really, really calm and made the whole situation a lot better because he was so lovely and kind. I did really think he was a great guy and a lot of our values and morals lined up, but there was no hard feelings when I was leaving.”

Having gone through the experience, Tamlyn said she’d still be keen for another shot at love.

“I’m still sadly single… desperately single. Can’t find a man so I think it is something I would do again! I had a great time and I don’t have any regrets,” she said.

“I’d still like to look for love if I don’t find it which, by the way it’s going, I don’t think I’m going to find it any time soon. I’d be down for some more help!”

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