How Pageants Prepared Gemma White For The Bachelor Mansion

Though she was crowned Miss Australia Continents 2018, Gemma wasn’t able to find her Mr Right with Locky.

Having applied previously for The Bachelor, Gemma withdrew after she started seeing someone. When that didn’t work out, she was contacted to see if she was interested in applying once again for the opportunity.

“I was single and I thought yeah, why not?” She told 10 play over the phone. “I’m always up for a new experience and my mum always jokes that I’m not going to meet someone going to bed at 8 o’clock every night.”

Stepping into the Mansion can be intimidating for many of the Bachelorettes. But Gemma, with her history of competing in pageants behind her, felt more than prepared.

“My days in pageantry have taught me enough resilience… it’s a fairly similar experience in a way. You’re all there for the same reason, you’re all there to win,” she said.

“You’ve all put in a lot of hard work, a lot on the line, you’ve given up jobs and family and friends back home. It’s a very similar thing when it comes to pageantry, you give up a lot for that.”

Her pageant background also prepped her for any drama that might pop off while in the house, which Gemma steered clear of entirely.

“I would see things that were happening and I’d stay out of it. It didn’t involve me so I didn’t need to involve myself,” she said.

“I’m all about women supporting women so, regardless of being there for the same man and all there to fall in love, we’ve got to remember who we are as people,” Gemma added.

Her focus on Locky and not the drama of the house meant that she scored some one-on-one time with Locky last week after a game of compatibility chess. The pair chatted and, though she didn’t receive a rose during the date extension, Gemma did receive a rose at the following ceremony.

But when Osher walked into the cocktail party on Wednesday with the news that five Bachelorettes would be heading home, Gemma wasn’t shocked, and was certain she’d be heading home.

“The chat Locky and I had, I thought went really well,” she said, “I walked away from it feeling quite confident… [but] I had a feeling that maybe we weren’t on the same page, and that maybe he was ready to send me home.”

“When it comes to cocktail parties we all try to get as much time with Locky to have a conversation. Time is paramount, with anyone,” Gemma continued. “If you don’t have time you don’t get to know each other, and you don’t know whether you’ll slide into each others’ lives, whether you’ll work together.

“To be honest, I felt like my time with Locky was coming to an end. I wasn’t surprised. I honestly expected it for some reason.”

Though she didn’t get her fairy tale ending, Gemma said she had an incredible experience in the house.

“I put my entire heart and soul into everything that I do, I went in with an open mind, an open heart and I had a really great experience.”

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